Art and Architecture


Grand Allusions

Robert BarnesLate Works 1985-2015

Michael Rooks, Introduction by Dennis Adrian

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Moonlight in Duneland

The Illustrated Story of the Chicago South Shore and South Bend Railroad

Ronald D. Cohen and Stephen G. McShane

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Painting Indiana II

The Changing Face of Agriculture

Indiana Plein Air Painters Association, Inc. and Center for Agricultural Science and Heritage, Inc., Paintings by Bill Borden, Mark Burkett, Mary Ann Davis, Lynn Dunbar, Bob Farlow, Jeff Klinker, Ron Mack, Nancy Maxwell, Carol Strock-Wasson, Scott Sulliva

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Spiritual Spectacles

Vision and Image in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Shakerism

Sally M. Promey

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Stone Country

Then and Now - New Edition

Text by Scott Russell Sanders, Photographs by Jeffrey A. Wolin

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