New Directions in National Cinemas

New Directions in National Cinemas aims to publish manuscripts that take new and exciting approaches to the study of individual and comparative national cinemas, moving beyond their "national character" to explore their trans-national, international, regional and global dimensions. The series seeks to publish books that are interdisciplinary in nature but are strongly conversant in film theory and criticism. The series welcomes studies that explore stardom and nation, genre and nation, and memory and cinema; studies of class, gender and cinematic representations of the national; and diasporic and cross-national perspectives. We are especially interested in projects aimed at a broader audience, academic and mainstream, than traditional film monographs. Inquiries and submissions may be sent to series editor Robert Rushing at You may also contact Acquisitions Editor Janice Frisch at

Robert Rushing, editor

Cinema in a Democratic South Africa

The Race for Representation

Lucia Saks

Paperback  $26.00  $15.60 

Cosmopolitan Film Cultures in Latin America, 1896-1960

Edited by Rielle Navitski and Nicolas Poppe


(Not yet available)


Descended from Hercules

Biopolitics and the Muscled Male Body on Screen

Robert A. Rushing

Paperback  $26.00  $15.60 

Euro Horror

Classic European Horror Cinema in Contemporary American Culture

Ian Olney

Paperback  $27.00  $16.20 

Fashion in Film

Edited by Adrienne Munich

Paperback  $27.95  $16.77 

Italian Fascism's Empire Cinema

Ruth Ben-Ghiat

Paperback  $35.00  $21.00 

Nollywood Stars

Media and Migration in West Africa and the Diaspora

Noah A. Tsika

Paperback  $32.00  $19.20 

Post-Revolution Nonfiction Film

Building the Soviet and Cuban Nations

Joshua Malitsky

Paperback  $28.00  $16.80 

Screening Strangers

Migration and Diaspora in Contemporary European Cinema

Yosefa Loshitzky

Paperback  $24.95  $14.97 

Screens and Veils

Maghrebi Women's Cinema

Florence Martin

Paperback  $24.95  $14.97 

Silent Cinema and the Politics of Space

Edited by Jennifer M. Bean, Anupama Kapse, and Laura Horak

Paperback  $35.00  $21.00 

Stardom, Italian Style

Screen Performance and Personality in Italian Cinema

Marcia Landy

Paperback  $30.00  $18.00