Textual Cultures: Theory and Praxis

Textual Cultures: Theory and Praxis seeks to promote emerging and traditional interests in the widely-defined field of textuality by publishing book-length studies that examine the complex connections of texts, their readers, and the cultural mechanisms that produce them. Linked to the Indiana University Press journal Textual Cultures, the series targets a broad range of 'local fields' in which the cultural dynamics of 'textuality' and 'editing' have been underestimated: minority texts, issues of the historical influence of editors and publishers, political factors in the dissemination of literary works that altered their textual histories, etc. Inquiries and submissions may be sent to series editor H. Wayne Storey at hstorey@indiana.edu. You may also contact Gary Dunham, Director, at dunhamg@indiana.edu.

H. Wayne Storey, editor

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