Digital Game Studies

Digital Game Studies is dedicated to the investigation of the largest, fastest growing, and most popular form of mediated entertainment--the video/computer game. The book series is devoted to work that critically examines video games and engages the broad range of social and cultural issues they engender. The series will offer books addressing a variety of questions, including: What values or ethics do games convey? What are the social, political, and environmental implications of the production and manufacture of videogames? How do video games intersect with other forms of public discourse and media? How are social relations mediated by video games? How do video games reform the social construction of race, gender, and sexuality? For more information, visit the Digital Games Studies website: Inquiries and submissions may be sent to series editors Robert Brookey at or David J. Gunkel at You may also contact Acquisitions Editor Janice Frisch at

Robert Alan Brookey and David J. Gunkel, editors

Gaming Representation

Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Video Games

Edited by Jennifer Malkowski and TreaAndrea M. Russworm


(Not yet available)


Playing to Win

Sports, Video Games, and the Culture of Play

Edited by Robert Alan Brookey and Thomas P. Oates

Paperback  $26.00  $15.60 

Playing with Religion in Digital Games

Edited by Heidi A. Campbell and Gregory Price Grieve

Paperback  $30.00  $18.00 

Thinking about Video Games

Interviews with the Experts

David S. Heineman

Paperback  $25.00  $15.00