Early Cinema in Review: Proceedings of Domitor

Published biennially, Early Cinema in Review: Proceedings of Domitor is a peer-reviewed series featuring original contributions developed from Domitor's international conferences, which explore early film from its beginnings to 1915. Established in 1985, Domitor, the international society for the study of early cinema, has been at the leading edge of film historiography. The series promotes new methods of historical research through the international exchange of information, documents, and ideas. With the opening of film archives and the growing emphasis on film preservation, the series seeks to build collaborative relationships among scholars, archivists, and early film enthusiasts from around the world.

Editorial Board:
Richard Abel (University of Michigan)
Stephen Bottomore (independent scholar, co-founder of Domitor)
Paolo Cherchi Usai (George Eastman House)
Nico de Klerk (University of Vienna)
Giovanna Fossati (EYE Film Institute, Amsterdam)
Jane Gaines (Columbia University)
André Gaudreault (Université de Montréal)
Frank Kessler (Utrecht University)
Charles Musser (Yale University)
Janet Staiger (University of Texas at Austin)

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