A History of the Trans-Appalachian Frontier

This limited series tells the story of the trans-Appalachian frontier. The opening and closing of the settlement frontier is the subject of each volume in the series, though each author takes an individual approach to that story. Each volume begins with the world that existed when Europeans made contact with native peoples. Each describes and analyzes the themes associated with the special circumstances of the individual territories, later states. Each concludes with the closing of the frontier, as each author interprets that concept. The books in the series are aimed at the widest possible audience of individuals interested in the formative history of the United States.

Malcolm Rohrbough and Walter Nugent, editors

American Confluence

The Missouri Frontier from Borderland to Border State

Stephen Aron

ebook  $23.99 
Paperback  $24.00 

Florida's Frontiers

Paul E. Hoffman

ebook  $41.99 
Hardback  $42.00 

Frontier Illinois

James E. Davis

Paperback  $30.00 

Frontier Indiana

Andrew R. L. Cayton

Paperback  $28.00 

Kentucke's Frontiers

Craig Thompson Friend

ebook  $36.99 
Hardback  $37.00 

The Ohio Frontier

Crucible of the Old Northwest, 1720–1830

R. Douglas Hurt

ebook  $25.99 
Paperback  $26.00 

Tennessee Frontiers

Three Regions in Transition

John R. Finger

ebook  $37.99 
Hardback  $38.00 

Trans-Appalachian Frontier, Third Edition

People, Societies, and Institutions, 1775-1850

Malcolm J. Rohrbough

ebook  $30.99 
Paperback  $31.00 

The Wisconsin Frontier

Mark Wyman

ebook  $24.99 
Paperback  $25.00