KINtop Studies in Early Cinema

KINtop Studies in Early Cinema expands the efforts to promote historical research and theoretical reflection on the emergence of moving pictures undertaken by the internationally acclaimed KINtop yearbook (published in German from 1992-2006). It brings a new collection of anthologies and monographs in English by internationally renowned authors as well as young scholars. The scope of the series ranges from studies on the formative years of the emerging medium of animated photography to research on the institutionalization of cinema in the years up to the First World War. KINtop studies in Early Cinema also explores the many facets of 19th and 20th century visual culture as well as initiatives to preserve and present this cinematographic heritage. Early cinema has become one of the most dynamic fields of scholarly research in cinema studies worldwide, and this series aims to provide an international platform for new insights and fresh discoveries in this thriving area.


Early Cinema Today, KINtop 1

The Art of Programming and Live Performance

Martin Loiperdinger

ebook  $9.99 
Paperback  $28.00 

Importing Asta Nielsen, KINtop 2

The International Film Star in the Making, 1910–1914

Martin Loiperdinger and Uli Jung

Paperback  $38.00 

The Komedi Bioscoop, KINtop 4

Early Cinema in Colonial Indonesia

Dafna Ruppin

ebook  $9.99 
Paperback  $38.00 

Nordisk Films Kompagni 1906-1924, Volume 5

The Rise and Fall of the Polar Bear

Isak Thorsen

ebook  $28.99 
Paperback  $29.00 

Screen Culture and the Social Question, 1880-1914, KINtop 3

Ludwig Vogl-Bienek and Richard Crangle

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Paperback  $30.00