Music, Nature, Place

The series is dedicated to disseminating the highest quality multidisciplinary scholarship focusing upon the intersections of music, nature, and place. The series seeks to publish books that employ a wide array of methodologies; address a broad range of topics, concerns, and tradition; and traverse boundaries between art, popular, and folk musics. The series welcomes studies that treat urban and rural issues and conditions, and crossovers between science and the humanities. The series aims to explore different modes of thought enabled by music. To submit a proposal or manuscript, please contact series editors Sabine Feisst at or Denise Von Glahn at You may also contact Acquisitions Editor Janice Frisch at

Sabine Feisst and Denise Von Glahn

Is Birdsong Music?

Outback Encounters with an Australian Songbird

Taylor, Hollis

Paperback  $39.00 
Hardback  $80.00 

Music and the Skillful Listener

American Women Compose the Natural World

Von Glahn, Denise

Hardback  $40.00 

A Song to Save the Salish Sea

Musical Performance as Environmental Activism

Pedelty, Mark

Paperback  $27.00 
Hardback  $75.00