Teaching, Learning, and the Holocaust

Teaching, Learning, and the Holocaust

An Integrative Approach
Howard Tinberg and Ronald Weisberger
Distribution: Global
Publication date: 01/01/2014
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-253-01133-6
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Classroom study of the Holocaust evokes strong emotions in teachers and students. Teaching, Learning, and the Holocaust assesses challenges and approaches to teaching about the Holocaust through history and literature. Howard Tinberg and Ronald Weisberger apply methods and insights of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning to examine issues in interdisciplinary teaching, with a focus on the community college setting. They discuss student learning and teacher effectiveness and offer guidance for teaching courses on the Holocaust, with relevance for other contexts involving trauma and atrocity.

Author Bio

Howard Tinberg is Professor of English at Bristol Community College. He is author of Writing with Consequence: What Writing Does in the Disciplines and (with Jean-Paul Nadeau) The Community College Writer: Exceeding Expectations.

Ronald Weisberger is Coordinator of Tutoring and Adjunct Professor of History at Bristol Community College.


“A concrete, thoughtful guide to teaching an important but difficult subject in a complex way, useful to both secondary and college-level teachers . . . a rich and critical case study of interdisciplinary teaching.”
 — Sherry Linkon, Youngstown State University

“A fascinating account of struggling with the Shoah within a community college setting and an exemplary piece of classroom research. Tinberg (English) and Weisberger (history) bring their own disciplinary perspectives to bear on the challenges of making sense of what ultimately defies understanding, making use of rich documentation from class notes and student writing.”
 — Sondra Perl, City University of New York and Director, Holocaust Educators Network

“This is a book that I will unhesitatingly recommend to all teachers interested in pushing disciplinary boundaries and enhancing students’ learning perspective through integrating multiple viewpoints. This is a journey worth taking. 2.2 2014”
 — Teaching and Learning Inquiry

“Tinberg and Weisberger’s pedagogical journey is a refreshing account of ways to model methods and habits, to encourage students to transfer those methods and habits to new domains and situations, to create opportunities for integrative learning, to foster both the affective and critical response, and to teach and write with colleagues outside one’s discipline and area of expertise. Their humble approach is inspiring, their research exemplary.”
 — Impact

“Howard Tinberg and Ronald Weisberger have given us a wonderful book that documents their journey in teaching the Shoah through merging the perspectives of literature and history. . . I recommend this book to all colleagues who wish to have a close look at how collaborative teaching can be a successful, albeit challenging enterprise.June 2014”
 — Asian Journal Scholarship Teaching and Learning

“It is indeed a pleasure to recommend this book to professors who want to learn how to initiate and design a Holocaust course at the community college level.”
 — The Jewish Voice

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Table of Contents

1. Contexts
2. Discipline
3. What We Knew and When We Knew It
4. Bystanders and Agents
5. Witnesses
6. Trauma
7. Reclaiming Faith
Appendix A: Course Syllabus
Appendix B: Reading Journal Template
Appendix C: Critical Research Project
Appendix D: Midterm and Final Exams

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