Degrees of Givenness

Degrees of Givenness

On Saturation in Jean-Luc Marion
Christina M. Gschwandtner
Distribution: Global
Publication date: 10/22/2014
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 978-0-253-01419-1
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The philosophical work of Jean-Luc Marion has opened new ways of speaking about religious convictions and experiences. In this exploration of Marion’s philosophy and theology, Christina M. Gschwandtner presents a comprehensive and critical analysis of the ideas of saturated phenomena and the phenomenology of givenness. She claims that these phenomena do not always appear in the excessive mode that Marion describes and suggests instead that we consider degrees of saturation. Gschwandtner covers major themes in Marion’s work—the historical event, art, nature, love, gift and sacrifice, prayer, and the Eucharist. She works within the phenomenology of givenness, but suggests that Marion himself has not considered important aspects of his philosophy.

Author Bio

Christina M. Gschwandtner is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Fordham University. She is author of Reading Jean-Luc Marion: Exceeding Metaphysics (IUP, 2007).


“This beautifully written work belongs to a developing field of scholarship on Jean-Luc Marion that goes beyond commentary and explication, to critique and extension of some of the main insights of his phenomenological project. . . . It significantly advances scholarship on Marion, and offers a sustained and critical analysis of two weaknesses in Marion's phenomenology.
 — Tamsin Jones, University of Victoria

“Gschwandtner hopes to . . . [tone] down . . . and [sharpen focus] so that we see more clearly how Marion's phenomenological descriptions of the historical ‘event’, the work of art, the natural object, the movement into an erotic love – as well as prayer, sacrifice, and the Eucharist – make up ‘degrees of givenness’.November 2015”
 — Heythrop Journal

“Christina M. Gschwandtner has established herself as a valued reader of contemporary French philosophy in general and of Marion's writings in particular. She was the first to consider at length Marion's extensive reflections on Descartes and to evaluate their theological importance, and she has translated two of Marion's books from the French. This new study, Degrees of Givenness, extends her contribution to our understanding of this fecund philosopher.”
 — Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews

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Table of Contents

List of Abbreviations of Works by Jean-Luc Marion
Introduction: Givenness, Saturated Phenomena, Negative Certainties, and Hermeneutics
1. Historical Events and Historical Research
2. Art and the Artist
3. Nature and Flesh
4. Love and Violence
5. Gift and Sacrifice
6. Prayer and Sainthood
7. Eucharist and Sacrament

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