Chinese in Action (DVD)

Chinese in Action (DVD)

Jennifer Li-chia Liu
Distribution: Global
Publication date: 12/16/2003
Format: Audio DVD
ISBN: 978-0-253-34331-4
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Audio DVD
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These innovative DVDs provide a lively study resource for beginning students of Chinese, using real-world communication and familiar situations. Based on Margaret Mian Yan and Jennifer Li-chia Liu’s popular textbooks Interactions I and II: A Cognitive Approach to Beginning Chinese, the Chinese in Action DVDs can be used alongside the texts or as stand-alone study tools. Twenty live-action videos present dialogues on everyday themes and cross-cultural communication. The four central characters—a mainland Chinese, a Taiwanese, a Chinese American, and a non-Chinese American—will be familiar to students using Interactions. The flexibility of the DVD format makes it possible for the same materials to be used in the classroom or for individual study, with a DVD player or on a personal computer. Users can watch the videos without subtitles or with Chinese subtitles, moving easily from main menus to specific lessons. This classroom-tested approach makes learning Chinese an interactive, cognitive process.

2-DVD set

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