Paradise Kitchen

Paradise Kitchen

Caribbean Cooking with Chef Daniel Orr
Daniel Orr
Distribution: Global
Publication date: 04/27/2011
Format: Hardback 242 color illus., 1 map
ISBN: 978-0-253-35608-6
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Chef Daniel Orr spent years working in high-stress Manhattan kitchens before shifting gears and heading to the calm, turquoise waters of Anguilla in the British West Indies. Ever the student of world cuisine and an expert in combining the best of his local environment and global training, Orr unleashes the flavors of the island with his inspired dishes in Paradise Kitchen. Tales of island culture, local traditions, and personal discoveries add flavor to the chef’s recipes for morning, midday, and evening meals, including tapas. Orr’s innovative drink recipes using local fruits, spices, and herbs carry you through the day—from morning smoothies to sunset cocktails, after-dinner teas and flavored rums. Cookbook, memoir, and travel guide, this delightful book invites home cooks to savor the culinary joys of the Caribbean.

Author Bio

Daniel Orr is a graduate of Johnson & Wales University and chef/owner of FARMbloomington restaurant. He has worked in France’s most elite restaurants and been executive chef at New York’s famed La Grenouille (earning a 3-star review from the New York Times) and Guastavino’s, as well as the CuisinArt Resort & Spa in Anguilla, British West Indies. He is author of FARMfood: Green Living with Chef Daniel Orr (IUP, 2009), creator of Kitchen D’Orr—a line of spice blends—and host of Earth Eats on NPR affiliate station WFIU.


“Chef Daniel's modern take on classics have a way of keeping tradition but moving us into a more contemporary style, making these tropical flavors more familiar and approachable. This book is one that can go from coffee table to kitchen. That's the way all cookbooks should be!”
 — Chef Douglas Rodriguez

“Fly Away How I miss the Island sunrise, It puts a sparkle in my eyes, Even though I fly beyond the blue skies, There's a part of me that's there, Looking out, toward the Southern skies, Reaching out, to touch the moving tide, Passing by, across the bay, Sometimes it seems that I could fly away, fly away. When I wrote that song, I had never met Chef Dan. But after spending the time that we had together down on the beach on Anguilla, I think his food sings this song.”
 — Bankie Banx, Caribbean Reggae and folk Artist, creator of Moonsplash Music Festival

“Paradise Kitchen is a both a reminder and an inspiration of what made me fall in love with this kind of cooking! Chef Daniel Orr won me over in the past with his solid techniques, ‘steady as she goes’ language and balanced perspective in his cookbooks and teaching. With Paradise Kitchen he brings us to a magical place and then turns loose the secrets on how we can make our kitchens a tropical and (shhh!) healthful paradise. Even though I have been a life-long practitioner of this kind of cooking I kept turning the pages and adding markers to things I will make in my Key West kitchen soon! Thanks for another view and the dreamy tastes of Paradise!”
 — Norman Van Aken, author of New World Kitchen, A Feast of Sunlight, and The Great Tropical Fruit Posters

“Paradise Kitchen is Daniel’s ode to cooking in the Caribbean. The recipes reflect the easy going and vivid life style of island days. Daniel’s ability to match familiar tropical ingredients and straightforward technique makes his Caribbean cook book a delight to read. Be sure to bring paradise into your kitchen. ”
 — Allen Susser, Author of New World Cuisine and Cookery

“My mode of escape from the stressful kitchen has been to put my head inside the ice machine. Whiffs of chlorine bring me back to the over chlorinated pool at my high school. A simpler stress free time. Ah, to be as fortunate as Daniel and leave his stressful New York kitchen and discover a culinary paradise! A little better than my ice machine. This book brings amazing flavors, colors and textures into your home. Complex flavors made simple. Sit back and relax and enjoy the vacation.”
 — Paul Kahan, Owner/Executive Chef of Blackbird, avec, The Publican and Big Star in Chicago

“Daniel Orr is one of my favorite chefs anywhere in the world. His food is delicious and so creatively prepared. I like it that he uses locally loved and grown ingredients. This cookbook will bring much-needed 'paradise' to my kitchen and I hope it will to yours as well.”
 — Sylvia McNair, 2-time Grammy award winner

“Unleashing the flavors of the Caribbean in combination with the best of Orr's expertise in world cuisine, this delightful cookbook, memoir, and travel guide invites home cooks to savor the culinary joys of the Caribbean.”

“If you've been to the Caribbean, Paradise Kitchen, with its intriguing yet simple recipes, and gorgeous photos will take you back to that place of pristine beaches and azure waters. If you haven't been, you're going to want to visit after reading this book. June 15, 2011”
 — The Herald-Times

“From coconut martinis, to spicy Caribbean stews ... Paradise Kitchen is a solidly recommended read for those who want the spice of paradise without going to paradise.July, 2011”
 — Wisconsin Bookwatch

“The recipes in Paradise Kitchen, from Anguillan Paella to Warm Coconut Lime Tarts, are full of the warmth and color of the Caribbean. As we head into fall and winter, a little island flavor is a very welcome thing. August/September 2011”
 — Bloom Magazine

“Cooks interested in Caribbean fare will find this offers many innovations on tropical themes, from a Coconut Martini to Orr's creative innovations based on Caribbean ingredients. Any ethnic cookery collection needs this!October 2011”
 — Midwest Book Review

“The cookbook is a fun romp of tropical flavors interlaced with island culture and traditions, with a fine selection of recipes. It's as much fun reading this cookbook as trying the recipes for everything from an all-green gazpacho to tamarind-glazed grouper. ”

“[Y]ou can expect some wonderful recipes drawing on both Anguillian and wider Caribbean influences, but also some great insights on the history and culture of the region. This is much more than just a fine cookbook.”

“[T]he recipes are unique, flavorful, and offer a great look into the local cuisine. There are spice blend recipes that you could use on dishes you create yourself. And, it's just a fun book to leaf through and enjoy. If you've ever been on an island vacation, Paradise Kitchen will allow you to re-create some of the culinary experience. ”

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Table of Contents

Introduction: Finding Paradise
Caribbean Food Glossary

1. Breakfast at the Beach
2. Sunrise Shakes and Smoothies
3. Soups and Salads to Beat the Heat
4. Energize Your Afternoons: Anytime Energizing Vegetable Juices
5. Tango with Tapas
6. Caribbean Cocktails
7. Homemade Flavored Rums
8. Island Starters
9. Liming It Up under Pressure: Making Your Gramma's Pressure Cooker Your Friend
10. Fish: Brain Food
11. Grilled Lobster 101
12. Cooking for Carnivores: Getting to the Meat of It
13. Sides and Accompaniments
14. Caribbean Condiments: Making Every Day Extraordinary
15. Bush Teas
16. Sunny Sweets
17. Recipes for the Body

The Perfect Storm: How to Prepare for a Hurricane
From One Island to Another: Daniel Orr's Article from the Anguillian

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