Writings of Charles S. Peirce: A Chronological Edition, Volume 1

Writings of Charles S. Peirce: A Chronological Edition, Volume 1

Charles S. Peirce
Distribution: Global
Publication date: 08/22/1982
Format: Hardback 1 b&w photos
ISBN: 978-0-253-37201-7
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A Choice Outstanding Academic Book of 1982

The PEIRCE EDITION contains large sections of previously unpublished material in addition to selected published works. Each volume includes a brief historical and biographical introduction, extensive editorial and textual notes, and a full chronological list of all of Peirce’s writings, published and unpublished, during the period covered.

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Table of Contents

1. My Life written for the Class-Book
2. Private Thoughts principally on the conduct of life
3. The Sense of Beauty never furthered the Performance of a single Act of Duty
4. Raphael and Michael Angelo compared as men
5. A Scientific Book of Synonyms
6. Think Again!
7. Analysis of Genius
8. The Axioms of Intuition. After Kant
[Three Essays on Infinity and God]
9. An essay on the Limits of Religious thought written to prove that we can reason upon the nature of God
10. [The Conception of Infinity]
11. Why we can Reason on the Infinite
12. Proof of the Infinite Nature of the Creator
13. I, IT, and THOU: A Book giving Instruction in some of the Elements of Thought
14. The Modus of the IT
15. View of Chemistry: sketched for Young Ladies
16. [A Treatise on Metaphysics]
17. Analysis of Creation
18. SPQR
19. The Chemical Theory of Interpenetration
20. [The Place of Our Age in the History of Civilization]
21. Letter Draft, Peirce to Pliny Earle Chase
22. [Shakespearian Pronunciation]
23. Analysis of the Ego
24. A Treatise of the Major Premisses of Natural Science
25. On the Doctrine of Immediate Perception
26. Letter, Peirce to Francis E. Abbot
On the Logic of Science [Harvard Lectures of 1865]
27. Lecture I
28. Lecture II
29. Lecture III
30. Lecture on the Theories of Whewell, Mill, and Compte
31. Lecture VI: Boole’s Calculus of Logic
32. Lecture on Kant
33. Lecture VIII: Forms of Induction and Hypothesis
34. Lecture X: Grounds of Induction
35. Lecture XI
36. Teleological Logic
37. An Unpsychological View of Logic to which are appended some applications of the theory to Psychology and other subjects
38. Logic of the Sciences
39. [The Logic Notebook]
40. Logic Chapter I
The Logic of Science; Or, Induction of Hypothesis [Lowell Lectures of 1866]
41. Lecture I
42. Lecture II
43. Lecture III