Submissions for Activist Encounters in Folklore and Ethnomusicology

The Activist Encounters in Folklore and Ethnomusicology series seeks to re-align the practice of folklore and ethnomusicology with the realities of an increasingly unstable world and to reinvigorate the practice of ethnographic research as a means of direct intervention both within and beyond the Academy.

Using expressive cultural practices as a foundation, this book series makes critical interventions into the ways in which we understand and respond to the violence of the contemporary world. Crafted accessibly for multiple and diverse publics, titles in the series focus primarily on people’s voices and experiences via deep ethnographic description and engagement.

We are interested in submissions that use ethnography to explore activist movements and/or are crafted for the explicit purpose of policy change, emancipatory knowledge, or direct political intervention. Activist Encounters seeks conventional as well as experimental forms of ethnographic research, including proposals for traditional monographs, edited volumes, multimedia installations, public interventions/exhibitions, and experimental publishing projects. Potential authors interested in the Activist Encounters series should contact the series editor David A. McDonald via and Acquisitions Editor Janice Frisch at

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