Submissions for Cinema and the American Experience

Cinema and the American Experience investigates the significance of cinema production and audience reception in the United States' heartland over the past 125 years. The series' works examine the ways that filmmakers created, and continue to produce, films outside of the Hollywood and New York film industries, in addition to delving into the unique cinematic experiences of different audiences over time. From budding film experiments and exhibitions in the late nineteenth century, up through the complexities of rapidly changing production, distribution, and consumption methods of the present day, the series provides an interdisciplinary, cultural studies-orientation to innovative methods of examining the reciprocal relationship between American cinema and American culture.

IU Press welcomes submissions to the series that explore regionalism and localism, especially in the Northeast, South, and Midwest of the nation; what we might call the Heartland and what Hollywood might call fly-over country. The series seeks to curate submissions that focus on a variety of film production and exhibition practices--industrial, amateur, commercial, and government agency creations, as well as the phenomenon of the local film. Submissions should bring innovative analytical methods to the study of cinema and the American experience. Edited volumes, monographs, and conference proceedings are all welcome in the series. We are especially interested in projects aimed at broad audiences, for the academic and lay scholar alike.

Potential authors interested in the Cinema and the American Experience series should contact series editor Kathy H. Fuller Seeley via and Acquisitions Editor Janice Frisch at

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