Submissions for Worlds in Crisis: Refugees, Asylum, and Forced Migration

Elizabeth Cullen Dunn and Georgina Ramsay, editors.

The Indiana University Worlds in Crisis series will be a hub for groundbreaking work on the causes of, experiences within, and responses to forced migration. Focusing on refugees, internally displaced people, asylum seekers and the aid system that surrounds them, the series will move beyond mere pathos to investigate the complexity of lived experiences of displacement. In the refugee and migrant experience, what are the barriers against or opportunities for social connection and intimacy? How do humanitarian agencies, aid industries, and government resettlement policies benefit or exclude refugees and migrants? What is the individual's experience in navigating these international policies and confronting the everyday experience of nationalism or altruism in local "host" populations? How does the history of forced migration and attempts to regulate it bear on the crisis facing the world today?

Work in the series will be necessarily multi-scalar, showing how the international, national, and local interact when responding to problems caused when people fall out of the "national order of things" and lose their homes, their states, and their rights. The books that make up the Worlds in Crisis series will emerge as crucial resources for students, academics, policy-makers, and practitioners seeking to further their understanding of the complexity of contemporary experiences of forced migration. The series will prioritize vivid, lively writing that makes strong arguments and engenders widespread discussion.

Elizabeth Cullen Dunn is Associate Professor of Geography and International Studies at Indiana University.

Georgina Ramsay is Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the University of Delaware.

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