Film, Media, and Performance Studies Virtual Meetings

Due to concerns about COVID-19, the 2020 Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference has been canceled. Although this means that Indiana University Press cannot meet in person with academic authors, we still want to talk with you!

Book a virtual meeting with Allison Chaplin, who acquires in film, media, and performance studies. She will be available for virtual chats on April 1–3.
Film, Media, and Performance Studies Virtual Meetings
Allison wants to hear from you! Tell her about your book idea, ask any questions you might have about the publishing process, or chat about what it’s like to work in your field. This opportunity is extended to all, regardless of where you are in your career or whether you had planned to attend SCMS in Denver.

To learn more about the books that have been published recently at IUP in film, media, and performance studies, check out our website. Allison is looking for more projects that use data to investigate media and their effects on the world and books that help expand our comprehension of the media industry’s opportunities and challenges. Are you trying to understand how media technologies have shaped our culture? How new and emerging technologies drive our daily lives? Schedule a meeting to chat about your research.

Allison graduated from the IU Bloomington School of Journalism and now works as an acquisitions editor at IU Press. Follow her on Twitter at @abchapli_IUP for advice about working with a university press and to learn about what her days in publishing are like. Also, be sure to follow IU Press on Twitter at for the latest updates.
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Film, Media, and Performance Studies Books
There is no reason you should miss out on our new books. We’ve featured our newest film, media, and performance studies titles below, and you can find more on our website.

From March 24th–April 7th, our website will be unable to process orders. We apologize for this inconvenience but rest assured our books are still available for purchase through our online retail partners.
The Chinese Atlantic
Spanish Cinema against Itself
Household Horror
The American Midwest in Film and Literature
Motor City Movie Culture, 1916-1925
Beasts of the Forest
#WWE: Professional Wrestling in the Digital Age
The Media World of ISIS
Sketch Comedy Identity, Reflexivity, and American Television
Documentary Across Platforms
Roger Sandall's Films and Contemporary Anthropology
Ewva European Women’s Video Art in the 70s and 80s
William S. Burroughs Cutting Up the Century
Hollywood Goes Latin: Spanish-Language Cinema in Los Angeles
The Birth of a Nation
Smyllie's Ireland: Protestants, Independence, and the Man Who Ran the Irish Times
Charlie Chaplin's Own Story
Media in Postapartheid South Africa
Antisemitism in Film Comedy in Nazi Germany
African Cinema and Human Rights

Journals on Film and Media 
Black Camera

Black Camera

Journal of Teaching and Learning with Technology

The Journal of Teaching and Learning with Technology 

Film History

Film History

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