Irish Studies Virtual Meetings

Due to concerns about COVID-19, the 2020 American Conference for Irish Studies has been canceled. Although this means that Indiana University Press cannot meet in person with academic authors, we still want to talk with you!

Book a virtual meeting with Jennika Baines, who acquires in Irish studies. She will be available for virtual chats on April 1–3.
Irish Studies Virtual Meetings
IU Press is launching a new series titled Irish Culture, Memory, Place in collaboration with series editors Guy Beiner, Ray Cashman, and Oona Frawley.

This series is transnational and global in its outlook, and we particularly invite multidisciplinary perspectives drawing upon such fields as memory studies, folklore studies, cultural anthropology, human geography, and environmental studies. We also welcome both literary and historical studies that are open to democratizing the written record through investigations of popular, vernacular, and sometimes-marginalized forms of verbal and nonverbal expressive and material culture.

New and forthcoming titles in the series include works by Caleb Richardson, Emilie Pine, and Joseph Valente and Margot Gayle Backus.

Jennika is currently acquiring new titles and is happy to meet with anyone who would like to know more about the series. She especially welcomes meetings with new academics who may have questions about the publishing process.

If the proposed times do not suit the schedules of international scholars, please contact Jennika directly at Stay connected with her on Twitter at @Jennika_Baines as well. Also, be sure to follow IU Press on Twitter at @iupress for the latest updates.
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Irish Studies Books
There is no reason you should miss out on our new books. We’ve featured our newest Irish studies titles below and you can find more on our website.

From March 24th - April 7th, our website will be unable to process orders. We apologize for this inconvenience but rest assured our books are still available for purchase through your favorite bookstore and other retailers in the meantime.
The Child Sex Scandal and Modern Irish Literature: Writing the Unspeakable
Smyllie's Ireland: Protestants, Independence, and the Man Who Ran the Irish Times
The Memory Marketplace: Witnessing Pain in Contemporary Irish and International Theatre
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