Staff List


Indiana University Press
Office of Scholarly Publishing
Herman B Wells Library 350
1320 E. 10th St.
Bloomington, IN 47405-3907
Main line: (812) 855-8817
Fax: (812) 855-8507

The following is a partial list of Indiana University Press staff members:

Gary Dunham
Director of IU Press and Digital Publishing
(812) 855-4773
Acquires books in Anthropology, Paleontology, and Philanthropy.


Dee Mortensen
Editorial Director
(812) 855-0268
Acquires books in African Studies, Judaism and Judaica, Philosophy, and Religious Studies.

Jennika Baines
Acquiring Editor
(812) 855-2756
Acquires books in Global and International Studies and Russian and East European Studies

Janice Frisch
Acquisitions Editor
(812) 856-5810
Acquires books in Film, Music, Media Studies, Folklore, and Gender and Sexuality Studies

Ashley Runyon
Acquisitions Editor
(812) 855-5262
Acquires Trade, Regional, Fiction books, Military History 

Paige Rasmussen
Assistant to Dee Mortensen
(812) 855-5429

Kate Schramm
Assistant to Janice Frisch and Jennika Baines

Peggy Solic
Assistant to Ashley Runyon


Michael Regoli
Director of Electronic and Journals Publishing
(812) 855-3830

Dan Pyle
Online Publishing Manager
(812) 856-5233

Michelle Sybert
Marketing Manager / Journals
(812) 855-5031

Sherondra Thedford
Production Manager
(812) 856-0582


Ted Boardman
Director of Publishing Technology
(812) 855-6468

Rich Pierce
Systems Analyst / Programmer
(812) 856-0210


Dave Hulsey
Associate Director, Indiana University Press and Director of Sales and Marketing
(812) 855-6553
Contact for inquires about author events, bookstores, sales, and marketing and sales internships

Shannon Brown
Scholarly Marketing and Publicity Manager
(812) 855-3113
Contact for review copies, media requests, marketing plans, and advertising for scholarly books

Theresa Halter
Publicity Coordinator
(812) 855-8054
Contact for review copies and media requests for scholarly books

John Decker
Advertising and Exhibits Manager
(812) 855-4901
Contact for inquiries about advertising for scholarly books and exhibits

Michelle Sybert
Marketing Manager
(812) 855-5031
Contact for inquiries about journals marketing, and book flyers, brochures, and catalogs

Stephen Williams
Rights and Permissions Manager
(812) 855-6314
Contact for inquiries about sublicensing rights for IU Press publications

Rhonda Van Der Dussen
Sales and Marketing Assistant
(812) 855-6657
Contact for inquiries about book awards


Michael Noth
Director of Business Affairs
(812) 855-9274

Katie O'Brien
Staff Accountant
(812) 855-5366

Kim Bower
Manager, Accounts Receivable
(812) 855-4134

Janie Pearson
Assistant Manager, Database Coordinator
(812) 855-1588

Mary Lou Shelley
Senior Customer Service Representative
(812) 855-8818

General information
(812) 855-8817


Bernadette Zoss
EDP Director
(812) 855-5563

Nancy Lightfoot
Project Manager/Editor
(812) 855-1744

Darja Malcolm-Clarke
Project Manager/Editor
(812) 855-5428

David Miller
Lead Project Manager/Editor
(812) 856-4645

Rachel Rosolina
Project Manager/Editor
(812) 855-9449

Carly Yingst
Editorial Assistant.
(812) 855-5064

Pam Rude
Senior Artist and Book Designer
(812) 855-0264

Leyla Salamova
Senior Artist and Book Designer
(812) 855-9640

Jennifer Witzke
Senior Artist and Book Designer
(812) 855-4415

Tony Brewer
Composition Coordinator
(812) 855-9444

Laura Hohman
Production Coordinator
(812) 855-6777

Kristin Ousley
Production Assistant
(812) 856-5218