Staff List


Indiana University Press
Office of Scholarly Publishing
Herman B Wells Library 350
1320 E. 10th St.
Bloomington, IN 47405-3907
Main line: (812) 855-8817
Fax: (812) 855-8507

Gary Dunham
Director of IU Press and Digital Publishing
(812) 855-4773


Dee Mortensen
Editorial Director
(812) 855-0268
Acquires books in African studies, Judaism and Judaica, philosophy, and religious studies.

Jennika Baines
Acquisitions Editor
(812) 855-2756
Acquires books in global and international studies, anthropology, Middle East studies, and Russian and East European studies.

Janice Frisch
Acquisitions Editor
(812) 856-5810
Acquires books in film, music, media studies, folklore, and gender and sexuality studies.

Ashley Runyon
Acquisitions Editor
(812) 855-5262
Acquires books in trade, regional, fiction and military history.

Paige Rasmussen
Assistant Acquisitions Editor
(812) 855-5429
Acquires books in the scholarship of teaching and learning.

Kate Schramm
Assistant Acquisitions Editor
Acquires books in philanthropic and nonprofit studies.

Peggy Solic
Acquisitions Editor, Well House Books


Michael Regoli
Director of Publishing Operations
(812) 855-3830

Tony Brewer
Composition Coordinator
(812) 855-9444

Anna Francis
Editorial Assistant
(812) 855-5064

Laura Hohman
Production Manager
(812) 855-6777

Nancy Lightfoot
Project Manager/Editor
(812) 855-1744

Darja Malcolm-Clarke
Project Manager/Editor
(812) 855-5428

David Miller
Lead Project Manager/Editor
(812) 856-4645

Rachel Kindler
Production Assistant
(812) 856-5218

Dan Pyle
Online Publishing Manager
(812) 856-5233

Rachel Rosolina
Project Manager/Editor
(812) 855-9449

Pam Rude
Senior Artist and Book Designer
(812) 855-0264

Leyla Salamova
Senior Artist and Book Designer
(812) 855-9640

Sherondra Thedford
Journals Production Manager
(812) 856-0582

Jennifer Witzke
Senior Artist and Book Designer
(812) 855-4415


Dave Hulsey
Associate Director, Indiana University Press and Director of Sales and Marketing
(812) 855-6553
Contact for inquires about author events, bookstores, sales, and marketing and sales internships

Julie Davis
Scholarly Marketing and Publicity Manager
(812) 855-3113
Contact for review copies, media requests, marketing plans, and advertising for scholarly books

Theresa Halter
Publicity Coordinator
(812) 855-8054
Contact for review copies and media requests for scholarly books

Jon Meerdink
Internet Communications Manager
(812) 855-8287
Contact for inquiries about social media and email marketing, the IU Press website and blog

Michelle Sybert
Trade Marketing and Publicity Manager
(812) 855-5031
Contact for review copies, media requests, marketing plans, and advertising for trade books

Stephen Williams
Rights and Permissions Manager
(812) 855-6314
Contact for inquiries about sublicensing rights for IU Press publications

Rhonda Van Der Dussen
Sales and Marketing Assistant
(812) 855-6657
Contact for inquiries about book awards

Jacklyn Lord
Marketing Specialist
(812) 855-4522
Contact for inquiries about IU Press journals and scholarly marketing and advertising


Michael Noth
Director of Business Affairs
(812) 855-9274

Brent Starr
Staff Accountant
(812) 855-5366

Kim Bower
Manager, Accounts Receivable
(812) 855-4134

Janie Pearson
Assistant Manager, Database Coordinator
(812) 855-1588