About Pat Hoefling

Pat Hoefling

Pat Hoefling (1951-2010) was sales and marketing director at Indiana University Press from November 2005 until her death. During her tenure here, she positively affected staff members by generously sharing her knowledge and encouraging them to learn new skills to further their professional development.

"Shortly before Pat's stroke in April [2010], we had a conversation about the assistance she was receiving from her staff and what a great job they were doing while she was unable to be in the office. What I knew implicitly because she had made it clear so many times was how much she cared for all of the people who worked for her and how important they were to her. Part of her goal as their supervisor was to find ways to help each of them grow and succeed in their positions at the Press. In her opinion, she had a fantastic staff, and she was clearly proud of their work and the contributions they made every day to the Press's success.

"Our family is deeply moved by the creation of this fund in our sister's memory. We know Pat would be pleased at the educational benefit it will provide to junior staff members and how it will contribute to IU Press's continued success as a leading academic publisher—a place where she was honored to have worked." —Mary Cannon Unger

"In the new generation of librarians, we have what we call librarian 'rock-stars.' These are the movers, the shakers, the ruckus-makers, the ones with nothing left to prove. You listen to them. Pat was a bona-fide book industry 'rock-star.' I wouldn't be where I am now had it not been for her faith in me and her guidance and expertise.

"Working under her was a gift (even though she said she thought she had the advantage). I can't begin to express all that she did for me or all that I learned from her, except to say I'm probably missing 20 times that now that she's gone. I believe establishing a fund in her name will do more than anything to ensure that Pat the teacher, guide, mentor, and counselor lives on. (I can hear her joking about this even now: 'Does the fund include the return trip?')" —Kate Matthen, IU Press Marketing & Sales Coordinator

"'Robin, you can do that.' I can still hear Pat saying those words to me. She encouraged me every step of the way. From writing to presenting, Pat allowed me to do very important things even though she was better and more experienced at all of them. She helped me to grow my publishing skills and knowledge by constantly giving me the opportunities to use those skills and that knowledge. She forced me to step up my 'game.' The security of having Pat's full support allowed me to be successful.

"I think Pat would be proud to know this scholarship will help IU Press colleagues spread their wings, just as she did for me." —Robin Anderson, former IU Press Assistant Sales Manager