Ordering and Customer Service Information for Retail and Wholesale Accounts

Indiana University Press's books are distributed by Ingram Publisher Services (IPS) in the US and Canada. Ingram Publisher Services is a full-service distributor for many major publishers and offers easy ordering options, fast delivery, and excellent service—all at publisher-direct discount prices.


If you currently conduct business with IPS you should already have an account established, and no further action is required on your part.

If not, an account with IPS should be requested. Please visit http://www.ingramcontent.com and click on “Retailers” then “Get Started” to begin the application process. Please ensure that when you reach the Retail Store questions, you answer “Yes” to “Are you interested in direct pricing from exclusive Ingram-distributed publishers?” After completion of the online questionnaire, you will be emailed a welcome packet with a few forms to complete the process. Feel free to contact the IPS Customer Service Department (800-648-3013) if you need assistance.


There are many simple options for placing orders with IPS. Active customers may already be accustomed to ordering via EDI, ipage, fax, or phone. Ipage is Ingram’s business-to-business website. To sign up for ipage, please visit http://ipage.ingramcontent.com and click on the registration tab to begin the subscription process. When using ipage, you can place orders for Indiana University Press products by signing on to ipage, clicking on the IPS tab at the top, and using the IPS cart. You must place all Indiana University Press items in the IPS cart for publisher-direct pricing. If you will be placing your orders electronically, you will need to use the IPS SAN Number 6318630 to ensure you get your full Indiana University Press direct discount. Orders must be placed through IPS to receive publisher-direct discounts.


Purchases made through IPS will generate an IPS invoice. Account statements may come from Ingram Book Company if you purchase from several Ingram companies.


Indiana University Press has a dedicated phone line at IPS for questions, order placement, order tracking and additional inquiries.

Indiana University Press
Phone: 800-648-3013
Email: ips@ingramcontent.com


Eligible IPS distributed titles may be returned to Ingram’s Chambersburg facility where they will be sorted and credited accordingly. Credit will be issued for IPS products received in “shop worn” or better condition and that were purchased as a returnable product. Books will be fully returnable for 180 days after out-of-print notification. Books and products purchased from IPS may be returned—in the same box—with overstock returns originally purchased from Ingram Book Company (wholesale).


Ingram Publisher Services
1210 Ingram Drive
Chambersburg, PA 17202


A complete discount schedule is available upon request.

All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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