Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies

Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies is creating a new and important body of scholarship, as well as an analytical framework that will enhance understanding of the nature of law and society in the current global era. It is a joint publication of Indiana University Press and the Indiana University Maurer School of Law. Print subscription orders should be directed to the journal at the Maurer School of Law, 211 South Indiana Avenue, Bloomington, Indiana 47405; 812-855-8717; Orders for online subscriptions should be directed to JSTOR at

Journal Details

  • Frequency: semiannually
  • eISSN: 1543-0367
  • Keywords: Capitalism, Corporate Governance, Economic Regulation, Economics, Globalization, Government Regulation, International Law, International Studies, Legal Studies, Political Science
  • First Issue: Volume 1, number 1 (1993)

Additional Information

Editorial Details

Editorial Office Contact Information
The Editors
Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies
Indiana University School of Law-Bloomington
211 South Indiana Avenue
Bloomington, IN 47405-1001 USA

Board of Faculty Editors

  • Allison Scarlott
  • Alfred C. Aman
  • Hannah L. Buxbaum
  • Jost Delbrück
  • Christiana Ochoa
Editorial Board
  • Randall Baker
  • Andrea Ballestero
  • A. James Barnes
  • Ambassador Richard Benedick
  • George A. Bermann
  • Fred H. Cate
  • Duane Chapman
  • Yvonne Cripps
  • William J. Davey
  • Luis Maria Diez-Picazo
  • Olga Diuzheva
  • Thomas Drennen
  • Ambassador Ralph Earle II
  • Thomas Ehrlich
  • Carol Greenhouse
  • Davydd James Greenwood
  • Jeffrey Hart
  • William Hicks
  • Peter Katzenstein
  • T.Y. Lin
  • David J. Mullan
  • June Nash
  • Mary Ellen O'Connell
  • Patrick O'Meara
  • Jan Olszewski
  • R.S. Pathak
  • D. Marie Provine
  • Jothie Rajah
  • Richard Rosecrance
  • Philippe Sands
  • Martin Shapiro
  • David H. Smith
  • Ziya Umut Türem
  • Marek Wierzbowski
  • Sir David G.T. Willians, Q.C
  • Brian Winchester
  • The Honorable Diane P. Wood
  • Song Yongxin
  • Aristide Zolberg
  • Elisabeth Zoller

Board of Student Editors

  • Alexandra Muir
Executive Articles Editor
  • Ian R. Bensberg
Executive Editor
  • Megan E. Binder
Executive Notes Editor
  • Rafael Macia
Executive Production Editor
  • Mary A. VanCleef
Senior Managing Editors
  • Alexander B. Avtgis
  • Katherine M. Thrapp
Executive Submissions Editor
  • Erin N. Bueger
Executive Outreach Editor
  • Benjamin R. Holt
Executive Business Editor
  • Hannah M. Dill
Article Editors
  • Jarrett Baughman
  • Iskender M. Bayrak
  • Nicholas S. Bolduc
  • Matthew S. Fuss
  • Clare G. Gibbons
  • Sarah K. Kelley
  • Ana Paula Luna
  • Lynsi R. Porterfield
  • Donovan A. Wood
  • Marsha Wright
Notes Editors
  • Melanie Broome
  • Jon Brown
  • April Dong
  • Jeremy J. Mcdonald
  • Alison V. Podlaski
  • Caitlin B. Pyrce
Managing Editors
  • Levie M. Basok
  • Caleb A. Ellis
  • Lauren A. Fletcher
  • Marshall Greenberg
  • Erin E. Halstead
  • Arsha Hasan
  • Rebecca S. Kleber
  • Cecilio I. Porras
  • Sloan E. Thacker
  • Raina J. Wallace
  • James H. Abney
  • Zachary S. Bailey
  • Benjamin P. Beuchel
  • Erik M. Bokar
  • Abigael C. Bosch
  • Kelsie L. Breit
  • Charles B. Cabrejos
  • Immanuel V. Chioco
  • Jordan P. Cranman
  • Megan C. Culp
  • Brandon Dawson
  • Cassandra L. Elrod
  • Joshua P. Farrow
  • Katharine B. Fischman
  • James M. French
  • Jon Micah Goeller
  • Christopher R. Hanewald
  • Roxanne M. Hilton
  • Jacob M. Howerton
  • Cortez D. Johnson
  • Erik J. Jones
  • Peter Kern
  • Cory J. Kopitzke
  • Eric E. Leist
  • Ashley L. Lenderman
  • Vontarez J. Lovan
  • Christopher M. Mcgee
  • Justin S. Mei
  • Helen V. Moscardini
  • Christa R. Pantaleoni
  • Thomas C. Payne
  • Adam R. Reneker
  • Madeleine C. Schnittker
  • Sunrita Sen
  • Elizabeth J. Tao
  • Steven Hughston Vasil
  • Robert Z. Watkins
  • Jarod M. Zimmerman

Submission Info

Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies welcomes unsolicited articles, book reviews, comments, and notes addressing issues related to globalization. Submissions are circulated to members of the journal's faculty editorial board, other experts in the author's field, and student editors. The review process typically requires four to six weeks to complete.

Submissions to IJGLS are accepted year round; however, submissions are generally reviewed only from August though April. The journal prefers submissions sent as e-mail attachments ( in Microsoft Word. If sending a submission by mail, please also include a copy of the article on disk. Those sent by mail will not be returned. Authors should also include an abstract of their articles and a copy of their resumes or curriculum vitae. Authors of papers accepted for publication will be asked to submit the final version of their papers both in hard copies and on disk.

Detailed citations should be included as footnotes rather than as endnotes or internal/parenthetical citations. Please include page numbers in citations when possible.

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