Confronting Death

Confronting Death

Momeyer, Richard W.
Distribution: World
Publication date: 12/22/1988
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 978-0-253-31403-1
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Well organized, well argued, and well written... " —Choice

It is a lively document, with vigorous arguments leading to opinions that are controversial but strongly held." —Joseph M. Foley, Medical Humanities Review

... Momeyer’s book has much to recommend it... The book would surely be a suitable focus for an undergraduate course in dealing with the philosophical issues involving death and our attitudes towards it." —David J. Mayo, Teaching Philosophy

This book is valuable and important in bringing conceptual clarification to questions about dealing with death that are so often neglected or mishandled by social scientists and the counseling industry." —Ethics

An examination of the moral and philosophical issues at work in an individual’s confrontation of death, not as a matter of psychological necessity or social conditioning, but as a function of reflection and the search for self-knowledge.

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Table of Contents

Introduction and Overview

Part I: Death, Good, and Evil

Chapter I: Death Mystiques: Denial, Acceptance, Rebellion
Chapter II: Is Death an Evil?
Chapter III: If Immortality Were Possible, Would It Be Good?
Chapter IV: Fearing Death and Caring for the Dying
Chapter V: Is A Natural Death a Good Death?
Chapter VI: Good Dying

Part II: Choosing Death

Introduction to Part II
Chapter VII: Suicide: Choosing Self-Inflicted Death
Chapter VIII: The Right to Choose Death
Chapter IX: The Limits of Personal Autonomy: The Case of Donald/Dax Cowart
Chapter X: Choosing Death for Noncompetent Persons

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