Sexual Development in Childhood

Sexual Development in Childhood

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Publication date: 12/11/2003
Format: Hardback 7 figures, 1 index
ISBN: 978-0-253-34243-0
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Approached with either "indifference" or "panic" in our culture, discussion of childhood sexuality remains submerged within political and moral debates that have historically impededits understanding. In contrast, Sexual Development in Childhood brings together respected researchers and clinicians to assess the current state of knowledge about childhood sexuality. The result is a comprehensive presentation of the latest research that is rational, balanced, and thorough.

The wide-ranging essays in Sexual Development in Childhood seek collectively to answer many of the most vital questions in the field of childhood development. What is childhood sexuality, and why should it be studied? How should it be measured, and what research methods are most useful? What are the current empirical results of research, and in what direction do these studies intend to go in the future? The essays offered in answer to these questions propose to help us understand both the normal range of sexual development in children and the consequences of abusive sexual experiences—objectives that should make this volume an essential resource for teachers, advocates, and social policy professionals as well as for researchers and clinicians.

Author Bio

John Bancroft was trained in medicine at Cambridge University and in psychiatry at the Institute of Psychiatry, London. He has been Director of the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction, and Professor of Psychiatry at Indiana University since May 1995. He is the author of Human Sexuality and Its Problems, and was founding editor of Annual Review of Sex Research.

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Table of Contents


Part 1. The Historical Context
Watching the Research Pendulum

Part 2. Methodological Aspects
Methodological Issues Associated with Studies of Child Sexual Behavior
Using the Parents as Source of Information About the Child with Special Emphasis on the Sex Problems Scale of the Child Behavior Checklist
Discussion Paper
General Discussion
Methodological Issues involved in Adult Recall of Childhood Sexual Experiences
Using Computer-Assisted Self-Interview (CASI) for Recall of Childhood Sexual Experiences
The Use of Meta-analysis in Understanding the Effects of Child Sexual Abuse
Discussion Paper
General Discussion

Part 3. Some new studies of normal sexual development
Studies of Sexuality of Nonabused Children
Body Awareness and Physical Intimacy: An Exploratory Study
Discussion Paper
General Discussion
The Nature of Childhood Sexual Experiences: Two Studies 50 Years Apart
Masturbation as a Marker of Sexual Development: Two Studies 50 Years Apart
Discussion Paper: Normative Sexual Development in Childhood and Adolescence
Discussion Paper
General Discussion
Antecedents of Sexual Activity at Ages 17 and 18 in a Community Sample Followed from Age 5

Part 4. Cross-Cultural Aspects
Cross-cultural aspects - the African American perspective
Cultural Dimensions of Childhood Sexuality in the United States
Discussion Paper
General Discussion

Part 5. Retrospective studies of effects of child sexual abuse on adolescent sexuality
Sexual Contact Between Children and Adults: A Life Course Perspective with Special Reference to Men
Childhood/Adolescent Sexual Coercion Among Men who have Sex with Men: Understanding Patterns of Sexual Behavior and Sexual Risk
Abusive Sexual Experiences Before Age 12 and Adolescent Sexual Behaviors
Discussion Paper
General discussion

Part 6. Theoretical models for mediating mechanisms
The Social Context of Adaptat