Medical Transitions in Twentieth-Century China

Medical Transitions in Twentieth-Century China

Edited by Bridie Andrews and Mary Brown Bullock
Distribution: Global
Publication date: 08/14/2014
Format: Paperback 29 b&w illus., 1 map, 7 tables
ISBN: 978-0-253-01490-0
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This volume examines important aspects of China's century-long search to provide appropriate and effective health care for its people. Four subjects—disease and healing, encounters and accommodations, institutions and professions, and people's health—organize discussions across case studies of schistosomiasis, tuberculosis, mental health, and tobacco and health. Among the book’s significant conclusions are the importance of barefoot doctors in disseminating western medicine, the improvements in medical health and services during the long Sino-Japanese war, and the important role of the Chinese consumer. Intended for an audience of health practitioners, historians, and others interested in the history of medicine and health in China, the book is one of three commissioned by the China Medical Board to mark its centennial in 2014.

Author Bio

Bridie Andrews is Associate Professor of History at Bentley University.

Mary Brown Bullock is Chair of the China Medical Board and Executive Vice-Chancellor of Duke-Kunshan University.


“An important contribution to scholarship. Historians of medicine and public health in China will find it useful and [it] will become required reading on modern China for scholars interested in the history of public health, and particularly those interested in the Rockefeller Foundation.”
 — Hilary A. Smith, Dickinson College

“Medical Transitions in Twentieth Century China provides rich insights into how one country has dealt with perhaps the most central issue for any human society: the health and wellbeing of its citizens. Yet the book sheds light on more than simply China's own medical transitions, and should appeal to anyone interested more broadly in the modern history of health.”
 — The Lancet

“Anyone interested in the history of modern medicine will find this an especially instructive book for its focus on China, its treatment of political and social issues, and its explanation of how decollectivization and China’s opening to a market economy have impacted medicine and health care. A substantial bibliography and detailed index make this a particularly useful volume for promoting further scholarship on the history and politics of medicine in contemporary China. . . . Highly recommended.”
 — Choice

“[T]his volume provides an invaluable synthesis of modern medical development in China, and useful sources for survey courses on medical history, public health and the global circulation of knowledge.”
 — Social History of Medicine

“Overall, this work achieves what it set out to do: write a general overview of the great changes in the history of health and health care in twentieth-century China. The collection of papers is impressive and gives the reader a good introduction into the transformations in health and medical care in China.”
 — Frontiers of History in Chinca

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Table of Contents

Part 1: Health Transitions
1. China’s Exceptional Health Transitions: Overcoming the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse / Lincoln Chen and Chen Ling
2. Changing Patterns of Diseases and Longevity: The evolution of health in 20th century Beijing / Zhang Daqing
3. Maternal and Child Health in Nineteenth- to Twenty-first-Century China / Yi-li Wu and Tina Johnson
4. Tobacco Smoking and Health in Twentieth-Century China / Carol Benedict
Part 2: Disease Transitions
5. Epidemics and Public Health in Twentieth-Century China / Yu Xinzhong
6. Schistosomiasis / Miriam Gross and Fan Ka Wai
7. Tuberculosis control in Shanghai: bringing health to the masses, 1928-present / Rachel Core
8. The Development of Psychiatric Services in China: Christianity, Communism and Community / Veronica Pearson
Part 3: Adaptations and Innovations
9. Foreign Models of Medicine in Twentieth-Century China: Part One / Gao Xi
10. John B. Grant: Public Health and State Medicine / Bu Liping
11. The Influence of War on China’s Modern Health Systems / Nicole Barnes and John Watt
12. The Institutionalization of Chinese Medicine / Volker Scheid and Sean Hsiang-lin Lei
13. Barefoot doctors and the provision of rural health care / Fang Xiaoping
Part 4: Professional Transitions
14. A Case Study of Transnational Flows of Chinese Medical Professionals: China Medical Board and Rockefeller Foundation Fellows / Mary Brown Bullock
15. The Development of Modern Nursing in China / Sonya Grypma and Zhen Cheng
16. The Evolution of the Hospital in Twentieth-Century China / Michelle Renshaw
Appendix: Timeline
General Bibliography

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