Medical Education in East Asia

Medical Education in East Asia

Past and Future
Edited by Lincoln C. Chen, Michael R. Reich and Jennifer Ryan
Distribution: Global
Publication date: 04/03/2017
Format: Paperback 14 color illus., 4 b&w illus., 20 tables
ISBN: 978-0-253-02492-3
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Pivotal to Asia’s future will be the robustness of its medical universities. Lessons learned in the past and the challenges facing these schools in the future are outlined in this collection, which offers valuable insights for other medical education systems as well. The populations in these rapidly growing countries rely on healthcare systems that can vigorously respond to the concerns of shifting demographics, disease, and epidemics. The collected works focus on the education of physicians and health professionals, policy debates, cooperative efforts, and medical education reform movements.

Author Bio

Lincoln C. Chen is President of the China Medical Board and Chair of the Board of BRAC USA.

Michael R. Reich is Taro Takemi Professor of International Health Policy at the Harvard School of Public Health.

Jennifer Ryan is a Program Manager at the China Medical Board.


“This book provides a good overview of medical education systems and their historical changes in various countries in East Asia. ”
 — Social History or Medicine

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Table of Contents

Preface: Mary Brown Bullock
Foreword: Bong-Min Yang, Keizo Takemi, and Ke Yang
Part I. Overview and US-Asia Engagement
History and Development of Medical Education in East Asia: An Overview / Lincoln C. Chen, Michael R. Reich, and Jennifer Ryan
1. The China Medical Board in East Asia, 1950-2000 / Jennifer
Ryan and Mary Brown Bullock
2. American Medical Education and US Engagement in East Asia, 1950-1970 / Jesse B. Bump and Paul J. Cruickshank
Part II. Country Cases: China, Japan, and South Korea
3. Medical Education in Contemporary Mainland China / Daqing Zhang
4. Mission and Modernity: The History and Development of Medical Education in Taiwan / Ming-Jung Ho, Kevin Shaw, Julie Shih, and Yu-Ting Chiu
5. A Brief History of Medical Education in Hong Kong / Gabriel M. Leung and N. G. (Niv) Patil
6. The Roots of Modern Japanese Medical Education in Japan / Kenichi Ohmi
7. Western Influences on Health Science Education in Korea: Medical, Nursing, and Public Health Education / OkRyun Moon
Part III. Future Challenges
8. Burden of Disease: Implications for Medical Education in East Asia / Stuart Gilmour, Yusuke Tsugawa, and Kenji Shibuya

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