On Islam

On Islam

Muslims and the Media
Edited by Rosemary Pennington and Hilary E. Kahn
Distribution: Global
Publication date: 02/01/2018
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-253-03255-3
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In the constant deluge of media coverage on Islam, Muslims are often portrayed as terrorists, refugees, radicals, or victims, depictions that erode human responses of concern, connection, or even a willingness to learn about Muslims. On Islam helps break this cycle with information and strategies to understand and report the modern Muslim experience. Journalists, activists, bloggers, and scholars offer insights into how Muslims are represented in the media today and offer tips for those covering Islam in the future. Interviews provide personal and often moving firsthand accounts of people confronting the challenges of modern life while maintaining their Muslim faith, and brief overviews provide a crash course on Muslim beliefs and practices. A concise and frank discussion of the Muslim experience, On Islam provides facts and perspective at a time when truth in journalism is more vital than ever.

Author Bio

Rosemary Pennington has been involved with Indiana University's Voices and Visions project since 2008, serving as project coordinator, podcast producer, and managing editor. She is Assistant Professor of Journalism at Miami University.

Hilary E. Kahn is Director of the Voices and Visions Project, Assistant Dean for International Education and Global Initiatives, and Director of the Center for the Study of Global Change in the School of Global and International Studies at Indiana University. She is author of Seeing and Being Seen: The Q'eqchi' Maya of Guatemala and Beyond and editor of Framing the Global: Entry Points for Research.


“The formal essays are equally fresh, candid, and direct. . . . 'Do Muslims Believe in Jesus?' and 'What is jihad?' Read this book to find the answers.”
 — Bloom Magazine

On Islam: Muslims and the Media couldn’t appear at a more useful time. . . It is an indispensable guide for reporters and for anyone who wants to gain a more informed, nuanced view of the faith and its adherents.”
 — Bloom Magazine

“This book goes a long way in combating Islamophobia and exposing how media representations often exacerbate the ignorant fear of Islam and Muslims.”
 — Publishers Weekly

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Table of Contents


Prologue: The Vision Behind Muslim Voices / Hilary Kahn
Chapter 1. Reflecting on Muslim Voices / Rosemary Pennington
Chapter 2. Shattering the Muslim Monolith / Arsalan Iftikhar
Chapter 3. So Near, Yet So Far: An Academic Reflection on the Endurance of American Islamophobia / Peter Gottschalk
Chapter 4. Life as a Muslim in the Media / Zarqa Nawaz
Chapter 5. The Prisons of Paradigm / Rafia Zakaria
Chapter 6. Unveiling Obsessions: Muslims and the Trap of Representation / Nabil Echchaibi
Chapter 7. How Does the British Press Represent British Muslims? Frameworks of Reporting in the UK Context / Elizabeth Poole
Chapter 8. How to Write about Muslims / Sobia Ali-Faisal and Krista Riley
Chapter 9. A Journalist Reflects on Covering Muslim Communities / Robert King
Chapter 10. Muslims in the Media: Challenges and Rewards of Reporting on Muslims / Ammina Kothari
Chapter 11. New Media and Muslim Voices / Rosemary Pennington

Muslim Voices
Voice 1. Faiz Rahman: Understanding Will Take Time
Voice 2. Sohaib Sultan: What Muslims Believe
Voice 3. Heather Akou: The Veil
Voice 4. Sheida Riahi: Arabic and Persian Calligraphy
Voice 5. Zaineb Istrabadi: The Sufi
Voice 6. Uzma Mirza: The Role of Women in Islam
Voice 7. Andre Carson: Life as a Muslim Politician
Voice 8. Sarah Thompson: Women in Islam, Converting
Voice 9. Daayiee Abdullah: Being Out and Being Muslim
Voice 10. Aziz Alquraini: Mosques--Houses of Prayer, Hearts of Communities

Crash Course in Islam
Crash Course 1. The Five Pillars of Islam
Crash Course 2. The Six Articles of Faith
Crash Course 3. The Profession of Faith
Crash Course 4. Do Muslims Worship Muhammad?
Crash Course 5. The Will of Allah
Crash Course 6. What Is Jihad?
Crash Course 7. What Is the Meaning of the Word "Islam"?
Crash Course 8. What Is a Fatwa?
Crash Course 9. The Qur’an: Just a Book?
Crash Course 10. Ishma

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