Energy and Entropy

Energy and Entropy

Science and Culture in Victorian Britain
Distribution: World
Publication date: 03/22/1989
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 978-0-253-31928-9
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... important and admirable... " —Victorian Studies

... presents a good picture of many currents of thought that flowed through the Victorian mind, particularly those of a religious nature."—History

The overall standard of these essays is very high.... should win a deserved place upon our students’ reading lists." —ISIS

An outgrowth of a special issue of Victorian Studies, this volume has been expanded to include additional essays which broaden and enrich the collection, including essays on physics, mathematics, chemistry, economics, anthropology, and biology and how they influenced thought and literature in Victorian Britain.

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Table of Contents



Science and Intellectual Authority in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Britain: Robert Chambers and Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation
Richard Yeo

Lady Lovelace’s Notes: Technical Text and Cultural Context
Dorothy K. Stein

King of Suluria: Roderick Murchison and the Imperial Theme in Geology
James A. Secord

Providence and Putrefaction: Victorian Sanitarians and the Natural Theology of Health and Disease
Christopher Hamlin

At the Intersection of Mathematics and Humor: Lewis Carroll’s Alices and Symbolical Algebra
Helena M. Pycior

The Social Origins and Post-Graduate Careers of a Cambridge Intellectual Elite, 1830-1860
Harvey W. Becher

A Physicist’s Alternative to Materialism: The Religious Thought of George Gabriel Stokes
David B. Wilson

T.H. Huxley’s Rhtoric and the Popularization of Victorian Scientific Ideas: 1854-1874
Ed Block, Jr.

The "Worldly Philosophy" of William Stanley Jevons
Margaret Schabas

Dr. Acton’s Enemy: Medicine, Sex, and Society in Victorian England
M. Jeanne Peterson

Museums and Ideology: AUgustus Pitt-Rivers, Anthropological Museums, and Social Change in Later Victorian Britain
David K. van Keuren

Abbott’s Flatland: Scientific Imagination and Natural Christianity
Rosemary Jann

Nineteenth-Century Popularizations of Thermodynamics and the Rhetoric of Social Prophecy
Greg Myers