Television, Media Art, and Cyberculture
Margaret Morse
Distribution: World
Publication date: 5/1/1998
ISBN: 978-0-253-11508-9
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Margaret Morse examines the effects of “virtual practices”—television, video, computers—on our sense of reality. These virtualities commonly cloak an impoverished public sphere by disguising impersonal relations as Utopian expression. The explosive development of these media in this century has resulted in abstract relations with machines and/or human beings. The more abstract, and removed, information has become from everyday life, the less “real” the experience. Morse offers new ways of thinking about the possibilities and limits of “virtual practices.”

Author Bio

Margaret Morse is an Associate Professor of Film and Video at the University of California at Santa Cruz. She has published essays on aerobics, rock video, and electronic art in numerous edited volumes and journals such as Screen and Video Networks.

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