"Not in Heaven"

"Not in Heaven"

Coherence and Complexity in Biblical Narrative
Edited by Jason P. Rosenblatt and Joseph C. Sitterson, Jr.
Distribution: World
Publication date: 11/1/1991
ISBN: 978-0-253-11445-7
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“ . . . Not in Heaven is valuable, not only to professional Bible scholars but to all who love the Book of books. If there are seventy faces to the Torah, as the midrash claims, this book illuminates several more.” —Conservative Judaism

“A stimulating collection.” —Literature and Theology

“In short, this collection of essays offers a variety of literary responses to the problems of biblical exegesis, and contributes positively to the dialogue between the two disciplines. No scholar interested in the Bible as literature can afford to ignore it.” —Cithara

Distinguished literary critics and biblical scholars illuminate texts from the creation accounts of Genesis to the parables of Mark, addressing questions such as the interpretive tensions within the text and relationships between literature and ideology.

The contributors are Robert Alter, Adele Berlin, John Drury, Bernard M. Levinson, William T. McBride, James C. Nohrnberg, James A. Sanders, Regina Schwartz, Meir Sternberg, and Phyllis Trible.

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Table of Contents


Jason P. Rosenblatt and Joseph C. Sitterson, Jr.

Biblical Imperatives and Literary Play
Robert Alter

Double Cave, Double Talk: The Indirections of Biblical Dialogue
Meir Sternberg

Princely Characters
James C. Nohrnberg

Understanding the Bread: Disruption and Aggregation, Secrecy and Revelation in Mark’s Gospel
Joh Drury

Literary Exegesis of Biblical Narrative: Between Poetics and Hermeneutics
Adele Berlin

The Right Chorale: From the Poetics to the Hermeneutics of the Hebrew Bible
Bernard M. Levinson

The Integrity of Biblical Pluralism
James A. Sanders

Genesis 22: The Sacrifice of Sarah
Phyllis Trible

The Histories of David: Biblical Scholarship and Biblical Stories
Regina M. Schwartz

Esther Passes: Chiasm, Lex Talio, and Money in the Book of Esther
William T. McBride