Feminisms in the Cinema

Feminisms in the Cinema

Edited by Laura Pietropaolo and Ada Testaferri
Distribution: World
Publication date: 7/1/1995
ISBN: 978-0-253-11623-9
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“Feminisms in the Cinema provides a platform for both women filmmakers and the women who analyze their films.” —Bloomsbury Review

“ . . . invaluable . . . [demonstrates] how gender and genre intersect . . . how feminisms are flourishing, at home and abroad.” —Women’s Review of Books

Well-known feminist theorists juxtapose their work with that of women filmmakers. Each writer addresses some aspect of marginality, discussing it as a political strategy and as a challenge to power structures.

Author Bio

LAURA PIETROPAOLO, Associate Lecturer at York University, teaches Italian language and literature. She is the author of articles on the cinema of Liliana Cavani and Ettore Scola. ADA TESTAFERRI is Associate Professor at York University, where she teaches Italian language and literature. She is editor of Donna: Women in Italian Culture.

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Table of Contents

Introduction / Ada Testaferri
1. Modes of Identification and Representation

Pandora: Topographies of the Mask and Curiosity / Laura Mulvey

Locating the Displaced View / Midi Onodera

Women in the Shadows: Reclaiming a Metis Heritage / Christine Welsh

“Who is Speaking/”: Of Nation, Community and First Person Interviews / Trinh T. Minh-ha
2. The Role of Fantasy in Lesbian Representation and Spectatorship

On the Subject of Fantasy / Teresa de Lauretis

Governing Lesbian Desire: Nocturne’s Oedipal Fantasy / Patricia White

Female Misbehavior: On the Structure of Paradoxical Obedience in the Sadomasochistic Mise-en-scene / Monika Treut
3. Inscribing Woman in Socio-Historical Contexts

Neil Shipman: A Case of Heroic Feminity / Kay Armatage

Streetwalking Around Plato’s Cave / Giuliana Bruno

An/other View of New Latin American Cinema / B. Ruby Rich
4. Feminist Film Readings: Personal Politics/Social Politics

A Parallax View of Lesbian Authorship / Judith Mayne

Signifying the Holocaust: Liliana Cavani’s Portiere di notte / Margueritte Waller