Philanthropic Foundations

Philanthropic Foundations

New Scholarship, New Possibilities
Edited by Ellen Condliffe Lagemann
Distribution: Global
Publication date: 07/22/1999
Format: Hardback 20 figures, 1 bibliog., 1 index
ISBN: 978-0-253-33500-5
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Foundations are socially and politically significant, but this simple fact... has mostly been ignored by students of American history.... This collection represents an important contribution to an emerging field." —Kenneth Prewitt, Social Science Research Council

Author Bio

ELLEN CONDLIFFE LAGEMANN is professor in the Center for the Study of American Culture and Education at New York University.


““Foundations are socially and politically significant, but this simple fact . . . has mostly been ignored by students of American history. . . . This collection represents an important contribution to an emerging field.” —Kenneth Prewitt, Social Science Research Council”

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Table of Contents

Introduction: Foundations in History: New Possibilities for Scholarship and Practice /Ellen Condliffe Lagemann
Part I. Foundations as Organizations
1. Resolving the Dilemmas of Democratic Governance: The Historical Development of Trusteeship in America, 1636-1996 /Peter Dobkin Hall
2. Foundations in the American Polity, 1900-1950 /David Hammack
3. Private Foundations as Public Institutions: Regulation, Professionalization, and the Redefinition of Organized Philanthropy /Peter Frumkin
Part II. Case Studies in Early Twentieth Century Foundation Philanthropy
4. Constructing a New Political Economy: Philanthropy, Institution-Building, and Consumer Capitalism in the Early Twentieth Century /Meg Jacobs
5. Selling the Public on Public Health: The Commonwealth and Milbank Health Demonstrations and the Meaning of Community Health Education /Elizabeth Toon
6. Constructing the Normal Child: The Rockefeller Philanthropies and the Science of Child Development, 1918-1940 /Julia Grant
7. Mary van Kleeck of the Russell Sage Foundation: Religion, Social Science, and the Ironies of Parasitic Modernity /Guy Alchon
Part III: Foundations and Recent Social Memory
8. The Ford Foundation and Philanthropic Activism in the 1960s /Alice O’Connor
9. The Ford Foundation’s War on Poverty: Private Philanthropy and Race Relations in New York City, 1948-1968 /Gregory K. Raynor
10. Grassrooting the System: The Development and Impact of Social Movement Philanthropy, 1953-1990 /J. Craig Jenkins and Abigail Halcli
11. When Grantees Become Grantors: Accountability, Democracy, and Social Movement Philanthropy /Susan Ostrander
12. The Ford Foundation and Women’s Studies in American Higher Education: Seeds of Change /Rosa Proietto
Part IV: Writing the History of Foundations
13. Going for Broke: The Historian’s Commitment to Philanthropy /Barry D. Karl
14. In Search of the Ford Foundation /Richard Magat
15. The History of Philanthropy as Life-Histo