Writings of Charles S. Peirce:  A Chronological Edition

Writings of Charles S. Peirce: A Chronological Edition - Volume 4

Charles S. Peirce
Compiled by the editors of the Peirce Edition Project
Distribution: World
Publication date: 10/1/1989
Format: cloth 768 pages
ISBN: 978-0-253-37204-8
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“The volumes are handsomely produced and carefully edited, . . . For the first time we have available in an intelligible form the writings of one of the greatest philosophers of the past hundred years . . . ” —The Times Literary Supplement

“ . . . an extremely handsome and impressive book; it is an equally impressive piece of scholarship and editing.” —Man and World

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Table of Contents

1. Read’s Theory of Logic
2. Spectroscopic Studies
3. [Lecture on Logic and Philosophy]
4. Note on the Progress of Experiments for comparing a Wave-length with a Metre
5. On a method of swinging Pendulums for the determination of Gravity, proposed by M. Faye
6. On the Algebraic Principles of Formal Logic
7. Logic, Chapter I. Of Thinking as Cerebration
8. Logic. Chapter I. Thinking as Cerebration
9. Rood’s Chromatics
10. On the Ghosts in Rutherford’s Diffraction-Spectra
11. A Quincuncial Projection of the Sphere
12. Note on the Theory of the Economy of Research
13. Measurements of Gravity at Initial Stations in America and Europe
14. A large number of repetitions of similar trials
15. On the Value of Gravity at Paris
16. [On the State of Science in America]
17. Letter, Peirce to Herve Faye
18. On the Colours of Double Stars
19. On the Algebra of Logic
20. Chapter IV. The Logic of Plural Relatives
21. Results of Pendulum Experiments
22. [The Logic Notebook]
23. [A Boolian Algebra with One Constant]
24. The Axioms of Number
25. [On Associative Algebras]
26. Notes on Associative Multiple Algebra
27. [Unequivocal Division of Finites]
28. [Jevon’s Studies in Deductive Logic]
29. Width of Mr. Rutherford’s Rulings
30. Logic; and the Methods of Science
31. Methods of Reasoning
32. Note on the Mouse-Trap Problem
33. Note on 0 Degree.
34. [On Propositions and Syllogisms of Differing Order]
35. Note on the Boolian Algebra
36. Proof of the Fundamental Proposition of Arithmetic
37. Comparison of the Metre with a Wave-Length of Light
38. On the Logic of Number
[Notes and Addenda to Linear Associative Algebra]
39. [Note on the Algebra g4]
40. [Note on the Class of Algebras 242 3]
41. On the Relative Forms of the Algebras
42. On the Algebras in which Division is Unambiguous
43. Brief Description of the Algebra of Relatives
44. On the Relative Forms of Quaternions
45. [On the Logic of Relatives]
46. [On Relative Terms]
47. Remarks on [B.I. Gilman’s “On Propositions and the Syllogism’]
Report of a Conference on Gravity Determinations, Held at Washington, D.C., in May, 1882 [Edited by Charles S. Peirce]
48. [Introduction]
49. Letter from Professor Hilgard to Major Herschel
50. Reply of Major Herschel
51. Six Reasons for the Prosecution of Pendulum Experiments
52. Notes on Determinations of Gravity, by C.A. Schott
53. General Remarks upon Gravity Determinations, by John Herschel
54. Opinions concerning the Conduct of Gravity Work
55. Resolutions
56. Introductory Lecture on the Study of Logic
57. On a Class of Multiple Algebras
58. On Irregularities in the Amplitude of Oscillation of Pendulums
59. [On Junctures and Fractures in Logic]
60. Letter, Peirce to O.H. Mitchell
61. [Beginnings of a Logic Book]
62. [On Propositions]
Studies in Logic
63. Preface
64. A Theory of Probable Inference
65. Note A: On A Limited Universe of Marks
66. Note B: The Logic of Relatives
67. A Communication from Mr. Peirce
68. A Problem relating to the Construction of a reversible pendulum
69. [Syllabus of Sixty Lectures on Logic]
70. [Lecture on Propositions]
71. [Lecture on Types of Propositions]
72. [From a Lecture on the Logic of Relatives]
73. [Introductory Lecture on Logic]
74. A New Rule for Division in Arithmetic
75. On the flexure of Pendulum Supports
76. On the Deduction of the Ellipticity of the Earth from Pendulum Experiments
77. On a Method of Observing the Coincidence of Vibration of Two Pendulums
78. Additional Note on the Method of Coincidences
79. [Design and Chance]
80. [On the Teaching of Mathematics]
Bibliography of Peirce’s References
Chronological List, 1879-1884
Essay on Editorial Method
Textual Apparatus
Headnotes, Textual Notes, Emendations, Line-End Hyphenation, Rejected Substantive Variants
Line-End Hyphenation in the Edition Text