A Reader in Pentecostal Theology

A Reader in Pentecostal Theology

Voices from the First Generation
Edited by Douglas Jacobsen
Distribution: Global
Publication date: 11/06/2006
Format: Paperback 16 b&w photos
ISBN: 978-0-253-21862-9
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Pentecostalism has experienced explosive growth over the past century. This reader examines the ideas that launched the movement and fueled its expansion around the world. A general introduction to the book describes the history and theology of the early Pentecostal movement and its significance to the contemporary Christian world. A brief biography introduces each of the 16 influential leaders whose voices are recorded here.

Vivid and lively contributions are included from Fred Francis Bosworth, William Howard Durham, Garfield Thomas Haywood, Esek William Kenyon, Joseph Hillary King, Robert Clarence Lawson, Aimee Semple McPherson, Charles Harrison Mason, David Wesley Myland, Charles Fox Parham, William J. Seymour, Richard G. Spurling, George Floyd Taylor, Ambrose Jessup Tomlinson, Andrew David Ursham, and Maria Beulah Woodworth-Etter. Their works represent the full spectrum of the early Pentecostal

Author Bio

Douglas Jacobsen is Distinguished Professor of Church History and Theology at Messiah College, Grantham, Pennsylvania, and author of Thinking in the Spirit: Theologies of the Early Pentecostal Movement (IUP, 2003).


“Pentecostalism has experienced explosive growth over the past century. A Reader in Pentecostal Theology examines the ideas that launched the movement and fueled its expansion around the world. ”

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Table of Contents


Introduction: The History and Significance of Early Pentecostal Theology
1. Maria Beulah Woodworth Etter
The Life, Work, and Experience of Maria Beulah Woodworth, Evangelist (1894)
Signs and Wonders God Wrought in the Ministry for Forty Years (1916)
2. Charles Fox Parham
Kol Kare Bomidbar (1902)
The Everlasting Gospel (1911)
3. William J. Seymour
The Apostolic Faith (1906<N>1908)
The Doctrines and Discipline of the Azusa Street Apostolic Mission of Los Angeles, Cal. with Scripture Readings (1915)
4. George Floyd Taylor
The Spirit and the Bride (1907)
The Second Coming of Jesus (1916)
5. David Wesley Myland
The Latter Rain Covenant and Pentecostal Power with Testimony of Healings and Baptism (1910)
6. William Howard Durham
Pentecostal Testimony (1910<N>1912)
7. Ambrose Jessup Tomlinson
The Last Great Conflict (1913)
8. Joseph Hillary King
From Passover to Pentecost (1914)
9. Esek William Kenyon
The Father and His Family (1916)
10. Fred Francis Bosworth
Do All Speak in Tongues? (c. 1917)
11. Andrew David Urshan
The Almighty God in the Lord Jesus Christ (1919)
12. Richard G. Spurling
The Lost Link (1920)
13. Garfield Thomas Haywood
The Birth of the Spirit in the Days of the Apostles (c. 1922)
14. Aimee Semple McPherson
This Is That (1923)
15. Robert Clarence Lawson
The Anthropology of Jesus Christ Our Kinsman (c. 1925)
16. Charles Harrison Mason
Year Book of the Church of God in Christ for the Year 1926 (1926)