Crow Killer

Crow Killer

The Saga of Liver-Eating Johnson
Raymond W.Jr. Thorp and Robert Bunker
Distribution: World
Publication date: 08/22/1983
ISBN: 978-0-253-01237-1
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The true story (on which the film Jeremiah Johnson was partially based) of John Johnson, who in 1847 found his wife and her unborn child had been killed by Crow braves. Out of this tragedy came one of the most gripping feuds—one man against a whole tribe—in American history.

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Table of Contents


Part One The Young Trapper

1 The Making of a Legend
2 The Hair Merchants
3 An Apprenticeship
4 A Madness
5 Oath of Vengeance

Part Two Liver-Eating Johnson

6 A Man’s Reputation
7 Twined Scalps
8 Crow Against Flathead
9 Winter Holiday, Spring Council
10...A Missing Chapter

Part Three A Man Amoung Men

11 The Eighteenth Warrior
12 Captive of the Blackfeet
13 Mountain-Man Rendezvous
14 Boots and Biscuits
15 Portuguese Phillips
16 A Sioux Liver
17 Monument for a Foe’s Friend
18 Target for Gray Bear

Part Four Brother of the Crows

19 White Chief of the Shoshoni
20 Biscuits for Blackfeet
21 A Last Departure
22 Mariano and the Ute Chief
23 The Piegan Princess
24 Eight Scalps for the Crows

Part Five The Old Trapper

25 Burial for Bear Claw
26 Sheriff Johnson
27 Last Trail
28 Lodge by the Sea


Liver-Eating Johnson at Red Lodge, Montana, One Year Before His Death