Indiana History

Indiana History

A Book of Readings
Compiled and edited by Ralph D. Gray
Distribution: World
Publication date: 1/1/1995
Format: paper 576 pages
6.125 x 9.25
ISBN: 978-0-253-28191-3
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These readings provide an overview of Indiana history based upon primary and secondary acounts of significant events and personalities. This treasure trove includes work by George Rogers Clark, Emma Lou Thornbrough, George Ade, Dan Wakefield, and many more.

Author Bio

RALPH D. GRAY is Professor of History and Adjunct Professor of American Studies at Indiana University–Purdue University at Indianapolis.

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Table of Contents

Indiana: The Land and the People
A Poetic Question
Indiana: A New Perspective

1. The First Inhabitants
Indian Achievements
Indiana’s Prehistoric Culture
The First Europeans
The Failure of French Policy
The French Fort at Vincennes

2. The Era of the American Revolution, 1763-1789
A Historian’s View
The Characters of Henry Hamilton and George Rogers Clark Compared
A Participant Writes
Our March Upon Vincennes
An Enlightened Western Policy
The Northwest Ordinance, 1787

3. Harrison, Tecumseh, and Territorial Politics
Contrary Patterns in Territorial Life
Democratic Influences in Territorial Indian
Slavery in the Indiana Territory/Jacob Piatt Dunn
A Classic Confrontation
Tecumseh, Harrison, and the War of 1812
The Battle of Tippecanoe
An Eyewitness Account of Tippecanoe
Chief Shabonee’s Account of Tippecanoe
The Nineteenth State
Statehood Achieved

4. Life on the Indiana Frontier
The Settlers
Senator Smith’s Reminiscences
Cultural Centers of the 1820s
Robert Owen’s New Harmony
William Conner’s Farm
Establishing the Public Schools
Transportation Problems and Plans
The Wabash and Erie Canal
Beginning the Railroad Network
Pioneer Agriculture
The Farming Seasons
The First State Fair

5. The Era of the Civil War
Political Developments
The Fugitive Slave Law in Operation
Birth of the Republican Party in Indiana
The Impact of War upon Indiana
Indiana in the Civil War
Morgan’a Raid into Southern Indiana, July 1863
Postwar Patterns
The 1870s in Context
Governor “Blue Jeans” Williams

6. Into the Modern Era
Natural Gas
The Gas Boom
Life in the Capital City
Indianapolis and Midwestern Culture
Manufacturing and Industry
The Growth of Manufacturing
A New Industry

7. The New Century
Politics and Prohibition
The Riddle of Governor Hanly
Roads and Rails
Farmers, Postmen, and the Good Roads Movement
Indiana’s Interurban System
Stellite: “Not Steel but Its Master”
The State Centennial
Centennial Legacy: The State Park System

8. Indiana Writers
Practitioners of the Art
Hoosier Authors” Who and Why
A Cartoonist and a Humorist
Autobiographical Excerpts
Grandfather’s Pants
An Ernie Pyle Sampler
The Tradition Continues
Kurt Vonnegut
Jean Shepherd

9. Hoosier Life after 1920
The Ku Klux Klan in Indiana
The Klan and a Congressman
The Rise and Fall of D.C. Stephenson
Higher Education
Professor Kinsey at Indiana
Politics and Society during the Depression
Depression Governor
The WPA in Indiana
The Revival of the Republican Party
Tenant Farming Life During the Depression

10. War, and Cold War
The Urban Home Front
Indiana’s Mobilization for War
Race Relations in Indiana
A Summary View
Political Issues following 1945
Senator William E. Jenner
House Resolution No. 2
Repeal of the Resolution

11. Recent Trends
Economic Issues
The Struggle for Burns Harbor
Indianapolis on the Rebound
Politcal Issues
The 1964 Primary Electionh
One Person, One Vote?
High School and Collegiate Sports
Indiana’s Cinderella Basketball Team
Small College Rivalry: Wabash vs. DePauw
The Hoosier Character
Indiana in the 1950s
A Bicentennial View