The Magnificent Ambersons

The Magnificent Ambersons

Tarkington, Booth
Distribution: World
Publication date: 12/22/1989
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-253-20546-9
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[FYI: Named one of the 100 Best Novels by the editors of the Modern Library; 7/20/98 New York Times, p. B1]

Booth Tarkington’s The Magnificent Ambersons is a delightful novel. In addition, it is a view of Indianapolis’ evolution from a major marketing center to a great industrial city. It adds a new dimension to one’s understanding of the coming of the Industrial Age to the State of Indiana." —Herman B Wells, Indiana University

With the tremendous emphasis on wealth and status in contemporary society, Tarkington’s observations are as apt today as when first written. But that is what makes a classic, isn’t it?" —Library Journal

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