Writings of Charles S. Peirce: A Chronological Edition, Volume 3

Writings of Charles S. Peirce: A Chronological Edition, Volume 3

Peirce, Charles S.
Distribution: World
Publication date: 04/22/1986
Format: Hardback 1 b&w photos
ISBN: 978-0-253-37203-1
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The PEIRCE EDITION contains large sections of previously unpublished material in addition to selected published works. Each volume includes a brief historical and biographical introduction, extensive editorial and textual notes, and a full chronological list of all of Peirce’s writings, published and unpublished, during the period covered.

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Table of Contents

1. Educational Text-Books, II
2. [Lecture on Practical Logic]
3. Third Lecture [Toward a Logic Book, 1872-73]
4. [Logic, Truth, and the Settlement of Opinion]
5. [Investigation and the Settlement of Opinion]
6. Chapter 1
7. Chapter 1 (Enlarged abstract)
8. Chapter 1 (Enlarge abstract)
9. Chapter 1. Of the Difference between Doubt and Belief
10. Chapter 2. Of Inquiry
11. Chapter 3. Four Methods of Settling Opinion
12. [On Reality]
13. Chapt. 4 (2nd draft)
14. Chap. 4 (——-draft)
15. On Reality
16. On Reality
17. Chap. 4. Of Reality
18. Of Reality
19. Chapter IV. Of Reality
20. Chapter IV. Of Reality
21. Chapter ——-. The List of Categories
22. On Representations
23. On Representations
24. On the nature of signs
25. [On Time and Thought]
26. [On Time and Thought]
27. Chap. 5th
28. Chap. 6th
29. Memorandum: Probable Subjects to be treated of
30. Chap. 7. Of Logic as a Study of Signs
31. Chap. 9th
32. Chap. VIII. Of the Copula
33. Chap. IX. Of relative terms
34. Chap. X. The Copula and Simple Syllogism
35. Chap. XI. On Logical Breadth and Depth
36. Chapter IV. The Conception of Time essential in Logic
37. Chapter IV. The Conception of Time essential in Logic
38. Chapter V. That the significance of thought lies in its reference to the future
39. Notes on Logic Book
40. Letter, Peirce to Abraham B. Conger
41. [On Errors of Observation]
42. On the Theory of Errors of Observations
43. Linear Associative Algebra: Improvement in the Classification of Vids
44. Lazelle’s One Law in Nature
45. Rainfall
46. [On Political Economy]
47. On the Application of Logical Analysis to Multiple Algebra
48. [Early Abstract of Photometric Researches]
49. Notes on the Fundamentals of Algebra
50. The Axioms of Geometry
51. Logical Contraposition and Conversion
52. Addition to the note