American Philosophy of Technology

American Philosophy of Technology

The Empirical Turn
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Publication date: 07/12/2001
Format: Paperback 1 b&w photos, 1 index
ISBN: 978-0-253-21449-2
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Introduces contemporary American philosophy of technology through six of its leading figures. The six American philosophers of technology whose work is profiled in this clear and concise introduction to the field—Albert Borgmann, Hubert Dreyfus, Andrew Feenberg, Donna Haraway, Don Ihde, and Langdon Winner—represent a new, empirical direction in the philosophical study of technology that has developed mainly in North America. In place of the grand philosophical schemes of the classical generation of European philosophers of technology (including Martin Heidgger, Jacques Ellul, and Hans Jonas), the contemporary American generation addresses concrete technological practices and the co-evolution of technology and society in modern culture. Six Dutch philosophers associated with Twente University survey and critique the full scope and development of their American colleagues’ work, often illustrating shifts from earlier to more recent interests. Individual chapters focus on Borgmann’s engagement with technology and everyday life; Dreyfus’s work on the limits of artificial intelligence; Feenberg’s perspectives on the cultural and social possibilities opened by technologies; Haraway’s conception of the cyborg and its attendant blurring of boundaries; Ihde’s explorations of the place of technology in the lifeworld; and Winner’s fascination with the moral and political implications of modern technologies. American Philosophy of Technology offers an insightful and readable introduction to this new and distinctly American philosophical turn.

Contributors are Hans Achterhuis, Philip Brey, René Munnik, Martijntje Smits, Pieter Tijmes, and Peter-Paul Verbeek.

Author Bio

Hans Achterhuis is a Professor of Philosophy at Twente University, who writes about development aid, welfare work, and scarcity. In the area of technology studies, his current interest is in the relation between time and technology. He is editor of The Matter of Technology (in Dutch).

Robert P. Crease is Professor of Philosophy at the State University of New York, Stony Brook and a historian at Brookhaven National Laboratory. He is author of Making Physics: A Biography of Brookhaven National Laboratory 1946-1972 and The Play of Nature: Experimentation as
Performance (Indiana University Press). He is a columnist for Physics World.

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Table of Contents

Preliminary Table of Contents:

Foreword Don Ihde
Introduction: American Philosophers of Technology Hans Achterhuis
1. Albert Borgmann: Technology and the Character of Everyday Life Pieter Tijmes
2. Hubert Dreyfus: Humans Versus Computers Philip Brey
3. Andrew Feenberg: Farewell to Dystopia Hans Achterhuis
4. Donna Haraway: Cyborgs for Earthly Survival? Ren Munnik
5. Don Ihde: The Technological Lifeworld Peter-Paul Verbeek
6. Langdon Winner: Technology as a Shadow Constitution Martijntje Smits