Cosmopolitanism and Place

Cosmopolitanism and Place

Edited by Jessica Wahman, José M. Medina and John J. Stuhr
Distribution: World
Publication date: 09/01/2017
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-253-03032-0
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Addressing perspectives about who "we" are, the importance of place and home, and the many differences that still separate individuals, this volume reimagines cosmopolitanism in light of our differences, including the different places we all inhabit and the many places where we do not feel at home. Beginning with the two-part recognition that the world is a smaller place and that it is indeed many worlds, Cosmopolitanism and Place critically explores what it means to assert that all people are citizens of the world, everywhere in the world, as well as persons bounded by a universal and shared morality.

Author Bio

Jessica Wahman is Visiting Research Scholar at Cornell University.

José M. Medina is Professor of Philosophy at Vanderbilt University.

John J. Stuhr is Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor of Philosophy and American Studies at Emory University.


“The essays in this rich volume challenge many of the standard cultural, moral, and political meanings of cosmopolitanism, especially those of universalism, world citizenship, and global justice.”
 — Emily Zakin, editor of Bound by the City: Greek Tragedy, Sexual Difference, and the Formation of the Polis

“These essays offer many beautiful, eloquent, incisive, generative, and moving analyses of place, home, and world. They introduce some new and extremely useful terminologies: cosmopolitan hope, cosmopolitan ignorance, cosmopolitan dreaming, cosmopolitan publics, and cosmopolitan cohabitation. ”
 — Eduardo Mendieta, author of Global Fragments: Globalizations, Latinamericanisms, and Critical Theory

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