The Great Transatlantic Migrations, 1870–1914
Walter Nugent
Distribution: World
Publication date: 12/1/1992
Format: paper 256 pages
6.125 x 9.25
ISBN: 978-0-253-20953-5
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A Choice Outstanding Academic Book of 1993
“Nugent’s study, well illustrated and documented . . . will become a must for courses on migration history.” —Dirk Hoerder, International Migration Review

“A brilliant analysis of a critical chapter of migration history.” —Ira Glazier, American Historical Review

“Nugent’s work is the ideal—the only—narrative companion to any quantitative analysis of late-nineteenth century population movements in the Atlantic economy.” —Journal of Economic History

“In terms of synthesizing existing literature and extending comparisons across boundaries, Nugent offers a shining example for both students and established scholars.” —Journal of Interdisciplinary History

Author Bio

WALTER NUGENT is Andrew V. Tackes Professor of History at the University of Notre Dame.


"Nugent (Notre Dame) is a fine historian and a good storyteller. His latest book is a multilayered narrative of the movement of millions of Europeans to the Americas. Different from many other descriptions of the transatlantic passages, which tend to be focused on one side of the ocean (the lands of the senders) or the other (the countries of reception and resettlement), Crossings tears down what Frank Thistlewaite once called a saltwater curtain. Nugent moves—and moves his readers—back and forth across the Atlantic, describing the social and political conditions that pushed Europeans out of the Old World and the factors—not least of which was the promise of a better life—that pulled them into the New World, particularly to this country and to Argentina, Brazil, and Canada. Using a variety of social and demographic data by which to compare the several countries of immigration, the author challenges certain widely held assumptions about American [meaning US] exceptionalism. That is one of the subtexts in this interesting and informative work. Added bonuses include excellent maps, clearly presented tables, and a dozen classic photographs of the migrants at home in Europe, enroute to America, and in their new societies.Crossings: The Great Transatlantic Migrations, 1870–1914" —P. I. Rose, Smith College , CHOICE

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Table of Contents

Part I: The Atlantic Region and Its Population
1. What This Book Is About
2. The Atlantic Region in the Late Nineteenth Century
3. Fertility and Mortality
4. Migration: General Patterns and Motives

Part II: The European Donors
5. Britain (Englant-Wales and Scotland)
6. Ireland
7. Scandinavia
8. The German Empire
9. Austria-Hungary and Russia, Jews and Poles
10. Italy
11. Spain and Portugal

Part III: The American Receivers
12. Argentina
13. Brazil
14. Canada
15. United States of America
16. Modernization, Transition, and Exceptionalism

Notes, List of Works Cited and Consulted, Index