In the Canon’s Mouth

In the Canon’s Mouth

Dispatches from the Culture Wars
Lillian S. Robinson
Distribution: World
Publication date: 11/22/1997
ISBN: 978-0-253-11601-7
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... a refreshing, thoughtful, critical map of this otherwise difficult battleground." —Yale Review of Books

The essays... provide a powerful response to current conservative attacks on women's studies, feminist scholarship, and academic inquiry that foregrounds race, gender, and class." —The Minnesota Review

In the Canon’s Mouth brings together two decades of writing by Lillian Robinson—one of the pioneers of the "culture wars." Curriculum reform, changing the canon, multiculturalism, feminism, and political correctness: these issues have multiple labels, bestowed on different sides of a debate that began in the academy but that has become a matter of civic interest. Most of the well known books on these issues—including bestsellers by Alan Bloom and Dinesh d’Souza—come from the far right. They claim that feminists and cultural critics such as Lillian Robinson have taken over our universities. Robinson counters that the right is so frightened at losing its strangle-hold on the culture that it misrepresents a foothold as hegemony.

Author Bio

Lillian S. Robinson, Professor of English at East Carolina University, has held teaching and research posts at MIT, SUNY/Buffalo, the Sorbonne, Stanford, Wellesley, Tulsa, Albright, Scripps, San Diego State, Hawaii, Texas, and Virginia Tech. She is the author of Sex, Class, and Culture and Monstrous Regiment, as well as a co-author of Feminist Scholarship.

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