Radical Spirits, Second Edition

Radical Spirits, Second Edition

Spiritualism and Women's Rights in Nineteenth-Century America
Ann Braude
Distribution: Global
Publication date: 11/19/2001
Format: Paperback 16 b&w photos, 1 index
ISBN: 978-0-253-21502-4
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... Ann Braude still speaks powerfully to unique issues of women’s creativity-spiritual as well as political-in a superb account of the controversial nineteenth-century Spiritualist movement." —Jon Butler

Radical Spirits is a vitally important book... [that] has... influenced a generation of young scholars." —Marie Griffith

In Radical Spirits, Ann Braude contends that the early women’s rights movement and Spiritualism went hand in hand. Her book makes a convincing argument for the importance of religion in the study of American women’s history.

In this new edition, Braude discusses the impact of the book on the scholarship of the last decade and assesses the place of religion in interpretations of women’s history in general and the women’s rights movement in particular. A review of current scholarship and suggestions for further reading make it even more useful for contemporary teachers and students.

Author Bio

Ann Braude teaches at the Harvard Divinity School and is co-editor of Roots of Bitterness: Documents in the Social History of American Women.


“"Braude still speaks powerfully to unique issues of women's creativity—spiritual as well as political—in a superb account of the controversial nineteenth-century Spiritualist movement. Braude's vivid prose and analytical clarity make an inherently fascinating story all the more compelling—a 'must read' for nineteenth-century U.S. historians whose recent scholarship only highlights the unique, blazing daring of Radical Spirits. —Jon Butler "Braude has discovered a crucial link between the early feminists and the spiritualists who so captured the American imagination during the middle of the [nineteenth] century." —Los Angeles Times "An insightful book and a delightful read." —Journal of American History "Continually rewarding." —New York Times Book Review”

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Table of Contents

Preliminary Table of Contents:

List of Illustrations
1. "Unbroken Communication between the Infinite and All Beings"
2. "The Blessedness of Sinless Childhood in the World Beyond"
3. "Thine for Agitation"
4. The Meaning of Mediumship
5. "The Body and Soul Destroying Marriage Institution"
6. Mediums versus Medical men
7. "No Organization Can Hold Me"