Long Time Passing, New Edition

Long Time Passing, New Edition

Vietnam and the Haunted Generation
MacPherson, Myra
Distribution: World
Publication date: 02/13/2002
Format: Paperback 1 index
ISBN: 978-0-253-21495-9
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Praise for the original edition:

A haunting chorus of voices, a moving deeply disturbing evocation of an era." —San Francisco Chronicle

Myra MacPherson’s book belongs with the best of the works on Vietnam, and there has been no better body of war literature that I know of." —Joseph Heller

A brilliant and necessary book... this stunning depiction of Vietnam’s bitter fruit is calculated to agitate even the most complacent American." —Philadelphia Inquirer

There have been many books on the Vietnam War, but few have captured its second life as memory better than Long Time Passing." —Washington Post Book World

A most perceptive and fascinating account of the continuing impact of the Vietnam experience.... As this important book makes clear, we will be paying the costs for Vietnam for long years to come. Myra MacPherson not only lived through the Vietnam years, she writes with the insight of one still deeply caught up in the issues of that tragedy." —George McGovern

Enthralling reading... full of deep and strong emotions." —New York Times

This new edition of a classic book on the impact of the Vietnam War on Americans reintroduces the haunted voices of the Vietnam era to a new generation of readers. In a new introduction, Myra MacPherson reflects on what has changed, and what hasn't, in the years since these interviews were conducted, explains the key points of reference from the 1980s that feature prominently in them, and brings the stories of her principal characters up-to-date.

Author Bio

Myra MacPherson was a longtime political writer for the Washington Post and was recently cited for her work in a New Yorker profile of the newspaper. She continues to write for national magazines and the Internet.

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Table of Contents


Part I. Long Time Passing
1. Two Soldiers
2. The Generation
3. A Different War
4. Southie and the Rebels
Part II. Draft and Protest
1. Draft Board Blues
2. The Chosen
3. The Maimed
4. Hawks and Doves
5. The Scams
6. The Reserves and National Guard
7. Game of Chance
8. Confessions
9. Impressions
Part III. Still in Saigon
1. Post-Traumatic Stress
2. The Afflicted
3. The Criminals
4. The Vet Centers
5. The Disordered
6. The Significant Others
Part IV. Making It
1. Successful Veterans
2. From Losers to Winners
3. The Wounded
Part V. Resistance
1. The Deserters
2. The Exiles
3. The Imprisoned
Part VI. Women and the War
1. Mothers and Fathers
2. The Supp-Hose Five
3. The Warriors
4. Women at the Barricades
Part VII. Vietnam Kaleidoscope
1. Atrocities
2. The Reluctant Warriors
3. The Warriors
4. The Blacks
5. Drugs, Bad Paper, Prison
6. Agent Orange
Appendix: Postscript, 1993