Anti-Jewish Violence

Anti-Jewish Violence

Rethinking the Pogrom in East European History
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Publication date: 11/26/2010
Format: Hardback 1 map
ISBN: 978-0-253-35520-1
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Although overshadowed in historical memory by the Holocaust, the anti-Jewish pogroms of the late 19th and early 20th centuries were at the time unrivaled episodes of ethnic violence. Incorporating newly available primary sources, this collection of groundbreaking essays by researchers from Europe, the United States, and Israel investigates the phenomenon of anti-Jewish violence, the local and transnational responses to pogroms, and instances where violence was averted. Focusing on the period from World War I through Russia’s early revolutionary years, the studies include Poland, Ukraine, Belorussia, Lithuania, Crimea, and Siberia.

Author Bio

Jonathan Dekel-Chen is a senior lecturer in modern history at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

David Gaunt is Professor of History at Södertörn University in Sweden.

Natan M. Meir holds the Lorry I. Lokey Chair in Judaic Studies at Portland State University.

Israel Bartal is Professor of History and Dean of the Faculty of Humanities at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


“Some of the newest and most innovative work on the sources of, reactions to, and representations of anti-Jewish violence and pogroms in eastern Europe.”
 — Jeffrey Veidlinger, author of Jewish Public Culture in the Late Russian Empire

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Table of Contents

Preface: A Tribute to John D. Klier
List of Abbreviations

Introduction / David Gaunt, Jonathan Dekel-Chen, Natan M. Meir, and Israel Bartal
1. What's in a Pogrom? European Jews in the Age of Violence / David Engel

Part 1. Twentieth-Century Pogroms
2. 1915 and the War Pogrom Paradigm in the Russian Empire / Eric Lohr
3. The Role of Personality in the First (1914<N>1915) Russian Occupation of Galicia and Bukovina / Peter Holquist
4. Freedom, Shortages, Violence: The Origins of the "Revolutionary Anti-Jewish Pogrom " in Russia, 1917<N>1918 / Vladimir P. Buldakov

Part 2. Responses to Pogroms
5. Preventing Pogroms: Patterns in Jewish Politics in Early Twentieth-Century Russia / Vladimir Levin
6. "The Sword Hanging over Their Heads": The Significance of Pogrom for Russian Jewish Everyday Life and Self-Understanding (The Case of Kiev) / Natan M. Meir

Part 3. Regional Perspectives
7. The Possibility of the Impossible: Pogroms in Eastern Siberia / Lilia Kalmina
8. Was Lithuania a Pogrom-Free Zone? (1881<N>1940) / Vladas Sirutavi<c,HAC>ius and Darius Stali<u,MAC>nas
9. The Missing Pogroms of Belorussia, 1881<N>1882: Conditions and Motives of an Absence of Violence / Claire Le Foll
10. Ethnic Conflict and Modernization in the Interwar Period: The Case of Soviet Belorussia / Arkadi Zeltser
11. Defusing the Ethnic Bomb: Resolving Local Conflict through Philanthropy in the Interwar USSR / Jonathan Dekel-Chen

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