Tel-Aviv, the First Century

Tel-Aviv, the First Century

Visions, Designs, Actualities
Edited by Maoz Azaryahu and S. Ilan Troen
Distribution: Global
Publication date: 11/29/2011
Format: Paperback 45 b&w illus.
ISBN: 978-0-253-22357-9
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Tel-Aviv, the First Century brings together a broad range of disciplinary approaches and cutting-edge research to trace the development and paradoxes of Tel-Aviv as an urban center and a national symbol. Through the lenses of history, literature, urban planning, gender studies, architecture, art, and other fields, these essays reveal the place of Tel-Aviv in the life and imagination of its diverse inhabitants. The careful and insightful tracing of the development of the city's urban landscape, the relationship of its varied architecture to its competing social cultures, and its evolving place in Israel's literary imagination come together to offer a vivid and complex picture of Tel-Aviv as a microcosm of Israeli life and a vibrant modern global city.

Author Bio

Maoz Azaryahu is Professor of Cultural Geography at the University of Haifa and author of Tel Aviv: Mythography of a City.

S. Ilan Troen is Stoll Family Professor of Israel Studies and Director of the Schusterman Center for Israel Studies at Brandeis University.


“This insightful collection of essays brings together a broad range of disciplinary approaches and cutting-edge research to trace the development and paradoxes of Tel-Aviv as an urban center and a national symbol.”

“A much needed volume, bringing a range of perspectives to bear on the understudied center of Israeli cultural and commercial life.”
 — Sara R. Horowitz, York University

“A serious yet accessible look at the many facets that have come to constitute the complex personality of a very complicated city and society.”
 — Kenneth E. Foote, University of Colorado at Boulder

“This is a learned and engaging collection of essays that will be of much interest to scholars, students, and readers. Due to the wide range of articles within the volume, it will also be extremely useful in undergraduate classes and graduate seminars on Israeli history, urban studies, and cultural studies.”
 — Religious Studies Review

“A splendid critical celebration of Tel-Aviv's first hundred years, this collection of essays reads like a spirited conversation across academic disciplines and across ideologies.”
 — Jewish Book Council

“The essays are stimulating and original. ”
 — Canadian Jewish News

“This volume encompasses a wide range of disciplinary approaches and the latest research on the essence of Tel Aviv. Israel's main metropolis is scrutinized through the lens of history, geography, architecture, art, literature, and gender studies, presenting the many facets that have come to constitute the elaborate personality of a very complicated city and society. This is by all means a much-needed volume, and required reading for any student of Tel Aviv.”
 — H-Judaic

“Anyone who loves Tel Aviv, a 'hybrid of East and West; myth and reality', will want to own this book. It is a must for all academic collections dealing with Israel Studies and for most Jewish high schools and synagogues. This reader highly recommends this rich book.”
 — AJL Reviews

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Table of Contents

Preface: Maoz Azaryahu and Ilan Troen
Introduction: Tel-Aviv Imagined and Realized / S. Ilan Troen
Part 1. Historical Issues
1. Telling the Story of a Hebrew City / Yaacov Shavit
2. Tel-Aviv's Birthdays: Anniversary Celebrations, 1929<N>1959 / Maoz Azaryahu
3. Tel-Aviv's Foundation Myth: A Constructive Perspective / Hizky Shoham
4. From "European Oasis" to Downtown New York: The Image of Tel-Aviv in School Textbooks / Yoram Bar-Gal
5. Subversive Youth Cultures in Mandate Tel-Aviv / Tammy Razi
6. Dirt, Noise, and Misbehavior in the First Hebrew City: Letters of Complaint as a Historical Source / Anat Helman
7. South of Tel-Aviv and North of Jaffa--The Frontier Zone of "In Between" / Deborah S. Bernstein
8. Jaffa and Tel-Aviv before 1948: The Underground Story / Nahum Karlinsky
9. Austerity Tel-Aviv: Everyday Life, Supervision, Compliance, and Respectability / Orit Rozin
Part 2. Language, Literature, and Art
10. Tel-Aviv Language Police / Zohar Shavit
11. Der Eko Fun Goles: "The Spirit of Tel-Aviv" and the Remapping of Jewish Literary History / Barbara Mann
12. A Poet and a City in Search of a Myth: On Shlomo Skulsky's Tel-Aviv Poems / Aminadav Dykman
13. Decay and Death: Urban Topoi in Literary Depictions of Tel-Aviv / Rachel Harris
14. Art and the City: The Case of Tel-Aviv / Dalia Manor
Part 3. Planning and Architecture
15. The 1925 Master Plan for Tel-Aviv by Patrick Geddes / Volker M. Welter
16. Preserving Urban Heritage: From Old Jaffa to Modern Tel-Aviv / Nurit Alfasi and Roy Fabian
17. Balconies of Tel-Aviv: Cultural History and Urban Politics / Carolin Aronis
18. The Architecture of the Hyphen: The Urban Unification of Jaffa and Tel-Aviv as National Metaphor / Alona Nitzan-Shiftan
Afterword: Tel-Aviv between Province and Metropolis / Maoz Azaryahu

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