The Snowden Reader

The Snowden Reader

Foreword by Sumit Ganguly, edited by David P Fidler
Distribution: Global
Publication date: 04/24/2015
Format: Hardback 28 b&w illus.
ISBN: 978-0-253-01731-4
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Silver Medal, Current Events category, 2016 Independent Publisher Book AwardsSilver, 2016 INDIEFAB Awards, Political Science2016 AAUP Public and Secondary School Library Selection

When Edward Snowden began leaking NSA documents in June 2013, his actions sparked impassioned debates about electronic surveillance, national security, and privacy in the digital age. The Snowden Reader looks at Snowden’s disclosures and their aftermath. Critical analyses by experts discuss the historical, political, legal, and ethical issues raised by the disclosures. Over forty key documents related to the case are included, with introductory notes explaining their significance: documents leaked by Snowden; responses from the NSA, the Obama administration, and Congress; statements by foreign leaders, their governments, and international organizations; judicial rulings; findings of review committees; and Snowden’s own statements. This book provides a valuable introduction and overview for anyone who wants to go beyond the headlines to understand this historic episode.

Author Bio

David P. Fidler is James Louis Calamaras Professor in the Maurer School of Law at Indiana University. He is author or editor of twelve books, including (with Arturo J. Marcano Guevara) Stealing Lives: The Globalization of Baseball and the Tragic Story of Alexis Quiroz (IUP, 2002).


“Critical analyses by experts with over forty key documents showcase the historical, political, legal, and ethical issues raised by Snowden's disclosures, providing a beyond the headlines exploration of this case as the controversies unfolded.”

“The Snowden Reader combines a collection of key original documents with thoughtful essays by a range of experts, which shed new light on the momentous issues surrounding Edward Snowden’s dramatic disclosures. This is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in not only the compelling Snowden story, but also urgent broader questions about government surveillance, secrecy, treatment of whistleblowers and executive accountability, as well as implications for technology companies, international relations, and potential legislative reform.”
 — Nadine Strossen, Professor, New York Law School and former president, American Civil Liberties Union

“The Snowden Reader is a must-read volume for every citizen who cares about protecting our fundamental right to privacy, and ensuring that our nation’s legitimate security needs are kept within the letter and spirit of our Constitution.”
 — Bob Barr, former Member, U.S. House of Representatives

“An intense examination of whistleblower Edward Snowden that successfully wades through both partisan rhetoric and ideological constraints . . . Fidler's work is significant because, while events are still playing out, it is actively helping to make sense of this pressing particular American crisis a lot more quickly. An indispensable resource for understanding the Snowden leaks.”
 — Kirkus Reviews

“...A valuable resource for citizens concerned about data collection by government and commercial entities and its impact on privacy.”
 — Booklist

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Table of Contents

Foreword Sumit Ganguly
Editor’s Note

Introduction David P. Fidler

Part I. Perspectives on the Snowden Disclosures
1. Security and Liberty: The Imaginary Balance Nick Cullather
2. Edward Snowden and the NSA: Law, Policy, and Politics Fred H. Cate
3. From Passivity to Eternal Vigilance: NSA Surveillance and Effective Oversight of Government Power Lee H. Hamilton
4. U.S. Foreign Policy and the Snowden Leaks David P. Fidler
5. Taking Snowden Seriously: Civil Disobedience for an Age of Total Surveillance William E. Scheuerman

Part II. The Snowden Saga in Primary Documents
A. Revelations and Reactions

Unconstitutional Abuse of Power or Legitimate and Necessary Security Measures?
NSA Programs under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act
1. The Verizon Order
2. NSA PRISM and UPSTREAM Briefing Slides
3. Robert S. Litt, Director of National Intelligence, Speech at Brookings Institution
4. Amash-Conyers Amendment Debate, U.S. House of Representatives

Hero or Villain? Persecuting a Defender of Human Rights v. Prosecuting a Criminal Suspect
5. Edward Snowden, Statement at the Moscow Airport
6. Attorney General Eric Holder, Letter to Russian Minister of Justice

Rubber Stamp or Robust Tribunal? The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court
7. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court Order 2009

Made in the USA? NSA Surveillance and U.S. Technology Companies
8. NSA MUSCULAR Program Briefing Slide
9. Statement by Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer
10. Reform Government Surveillance: Open Letter from U.S. Technology Companies

Friend and Foe? U.S. Espionage against Other Countries
11. NSA Briefing Slides on Brazilian President Dilma Roussef and Petrobas Oil Company
12. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, Statement on Economic Espionage and Foreign Intelligence
13. Dilma Rousseff, President of Brazil, Statement to United Nati