Hoosiers, Third Edition

Hoosiers, Third Edition

The Fabulous Basketball Life of Indiana
Phillip M Hoose, foreword by Bob Plump, edited by Phillip M Hoose
Distribution: Global
Publication date: 08/29/2016
Format: Paperback 68 b&w illus., 1 map
ISBN: 978-0-253-02162-5
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Named by The New York Times as "a knowing, respectful and caring look at heartland America" and containing a new foreword by legendary player Bob Plump, this is a book every basketball lover should own. The best of Phillip Hoose’s classic writings are included here with a fresh look on Indiana’s favorite and most beloved sport. A new edition of a well-known Indiana classic, Hoosiers profiles some of the world’s most famous basketball players and coaches—Larry Bird, Bobby Plump, Damon Bailey, Steve Alford, Stephanie White, and Bob Knight among them—along with Indiana towns, schools, and programs. The ultimate book for the diehard fan, Hoosiers: The Fabulous Basketball Life of Indiana explores Hoosier hysteria in all its glory.

Author Bio

Phillip M. Hoose is the widely-acclaimed author of books, essays, stories, songs, and articles, including the National Book Award winning book, Claudette Colvin: Twice Toward Justice. He is also the author of the multi-award winning title, The Race to Save the Lord God Bird, the National Book Award Finalist We Were There Too!: Young People in U.S. History, and the Christopher Award-winning manual for youth activism, It’s Our World Too!


“Phillip Hoose's Hoosiers is a great book about Indiana high school basketball. Hoosiers explains why basketball means more to Indiana's towns and cities than any other place I know. I'm proud that Milan is featured in a chapter, and Phil really captured the heart and soul of our 1954 basketball team. He accurately captured a unique and exciting time in Indiana sports history. We are all lucky that he shared his talent capturing the thrill of basketball in Indiana.”
 — Bobby Plump, Member of 1954 Milan basketball team

“I love this book. The stories and characters jump off the page. My favorite chapter is about Meadowood Park, an outdoor court in Speedway. This slab of concrete set in the middle of a forest, somehow magnetized carloads of the best and toughest players in the city. You had to win to keep playing which led to agruments. Combat at Meadowood Park helped prepare me for college and pro ball. Phil Hoose—who was there—brings Meadowood back, and plenty more.”
 — Billy Keller, Indiana’s 1965 Mr. Basketball, and star guard for Purdue and the Indiana Pacers

“I am personally excited that Hoose has included the girls game, showing that we have the same passion for the sport that the boys have. Hoosiers is a fun, easy, and informative read for all basketball enthusiasts-the writing style is great for kids and adults.”
 — Judi Warren, First Miss Basketball 1976

“Hoose takes on our state's most important basketball stories, but refuses to believe that they should sound encyclopedic. This book is the next best thing to watching our game's most important moments while sitting next to the biggest fan in the gym.”
 — Bil Riley, author of The Milan Miracle: The Town that Hoosiers Left Behind

“It is difficult to improve upon an already excellent book, but Phil Hoose has done exactly that.  This third edition of Hoosiers, based upon much additional research and more interviews with the men and women closely involved with creating "Hoosier Hysteria," is wise and witty and graced with a master’s touch of anecdote and fascinating fact. It takes the reader on a marvelous trip through Indiana history. Hoose leads his readers through the second half of Indiana’s bicentennial as swiftly and deftly as a Billy Keller fast break or a no-look pass from Larry Bird or Stephanie White leads to a slam dunk.”
 — Ralph Gray, author of Meredith Nicholson:  A Writing Life

“Named by The New York Times as "a knowing, respectful and caring look at heartland America" and containing a new foreword by legendary basketball player Bob Plump, Hoose’s classic writings are a fresh look on Indiana’s favorite and most beloved sport.”

“An unusually perceptive and entertaining study of heartland America.”
 — The Chicago Tribune

“Transcends sports and operates as cultural history. . .Warm, graceful, full of the happy savor of letter jackets and cheerleaders' sweaters.”
 — The Boston Globe

“Indiana history as view through a basketball net. . . An absorbing historical narrative, woven around modern Indiana history, using basketball as the thread.”
 — The Indiana Historical Society

“If you're a Hoosier Hysteric, call time out and go buy it; if you're not, reading Hoosiers will be like studying the strange ways of a cult that worships gym shoes.”
 — Playboy

“Will appeal not only to basketball fanatics but to mainstream readers as well. It is a knowing, respectful and caring look at heartland America.”
 — The New York Times

“From reviews of the second edition: The finest book ever written on Indiana Basketball.”
 — Bob Collins, , Sports Editor, The Indianapolis Star

“From reviews of the second edition: Hoose develops a narrative that transcends sports and operates as cultural history…Warm, graceful, full of the happy savor of letter jackets and cheerleaders’ sweaters...includes the great personalities of the game — Larry Bird, Rick Mount and the maniacal Bobby Knight—yet keeps the locus local, social and intimate.”
 — The Boston Globe

“To say this little gem is a sports book is to say The Sun Also Rises is about bullfighting.”
 — Scripps Howard News Service

“Terrific reading.”
 — The Sporting News

“From reviews of the second edition: The best book ever written on Indiana high school basketball. Hoose not only writes well, but his vignettes and anecdotes are fascinating. His chapter on Larry Bird is probably the best short piece ever written about him.”
 — Author Lee Daniel Levine, in , Bird:The Making of An American Sports Legend

“One of ten recommended sports books for kids.”
 — The Kids’ World Almanac of Records and Facts

“A thoughtful, elegantly crafted and shrewdly entertaining examination of a fascinating American subculture. . . An amusing, vital and intelligent book about a slice of America too easily ignored.”
 — Kirkus Reviews

“This superbly written piece of sports journalism will alternately tickle the funnybone and pluck at the heartstrings of basketball fans everywhere.”
 — Booklist

“Phillip Hoose examines the phenomenon of Indiana basketball with wit and whimsy.”
 — U.S. News and World Report

“Of all the books written about high school basketball in Indiana, this is the one that has lasted and will last, for good reason: None better explains the whys and wherefores, the context, culture, and fascinating history behind the hysteria. Read it to better understand Indiana as you would read Friday Night Lights to better understand Texas, or The City Game to better understand Harlem.”
 — Alexander Wolff, Sports Illustrated‚ Senior Writer

“A knowing, respectful and caring look at heartland America.”
 — The New York Times

“A truly superior book. . . It's a steal.”
 — The Indianapolis News

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Table of Contents

Foreword by Bob Plump
1. Farm Boys—How Indiana Became the Basketball State
2. Milan High School—The Hoosier Dream
3. Indianapolis Crispus Attucks High—The Black and White of Hoosier Hysteria
4. Anderson, Indiana—Basketball Town
5. The Calumet Region—Hoops in the Other Indiana
6. Judi Warren and the Warsaw Tigers—Into the Front Court
7. Fathers and Sons—The Mounts of Lebanon, Indiana
8. Meadowood Park
9. Larry Bird—The Guy Down the Road
10. The Education of Stephanie White
11. Coaches—From the Lady Lions to Bob Knight
12. Steve Alford—All In
13. An Interview with Damon Bailey
14. Four Class Basketball—Death or Salvation of Hoosier Hysteria?
15. Perspective—Four Things that Remain Distinctive about Indiana’s Game
16. Passages—What Has Become of Selected, People, Places and Gyms

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