Muslim Americans in the Military

Muslim Americans in the Military

Centuries of Service
Edward E. IV Curtis
Distribution: Global
Publication date: 10/17/2016
Format: Paperback 14 b&w illus.
ISBN: 978-0-253-02717-7
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Since the Revolutionary War, Muslim Americans have served in the United States military, risking their lives to defend a country that increasingly looks at them with suspicion and fear. InMuslim Americans in the Military: Centuries of Service,Edward E. Curtis illuminates the long history of Muslim service members who have defended their country and struggled to practice their faith. Profiling soldiers, marines, airmen, and sailors since the dawn of our country, Curtis showcases the real stories of Muslim Americans, from Omer Otmen, who fought fiercely against German forces during World War I, to Captain Humayun Khan, who gave his life in Iraq in 2004. These true stories contradict the narratives of hate and fear that have dominated recent headlines, revealing the contributions and sacrifices that these soldiers have made to the United States.

Author Bio

Edward E. Curtis IV is the author of several books, including Muslims in America: A Short History.


“Muslim Americans in the Military illuminates the long history of Muslim service from the Revolutionary War to today and showcases the real stories of Muslim American service members who risk their lives to defend a country that increasingly looks at them with suspicion and fear.”

“Muslim Americans in the Military is a short but engaging history of Muslims in the US military from the US Civil War until today. It is an honest and straightforward look at the experiences and contributions, some heroic, of Muslim men and women who served. It also describes episodes when things went wrong. It is a necessary read for anyone who doubts that Muslim Americans have sacrificed for the United States over the centuries, and speaks in particular to political debates about the place of Muslims in American society.”
 — Abdulkader Sinno, Indiana University

“I recommend Muslim Americans in the Military: Centuries of Service as required reading for anyone connected or involved in the military of the United States or abroad. My hope is that this book will serve as a catalyst to assist people with becoming more appreciative, discerning, and value more thoroughly the great opportunity they have been blessed with by the Creator to reside in a land that promotes and supports their highest ambitions based upon pristine ideas, concepts, and thinking that has made America looked to as a great leader at home and abroad.”
 — Lyndon A. Bilal, National Commander of the Muslim American Veterans Association

“These stories are important for both Muslim and non-Muslim Americans to hear and understand. Both groups may be unaware of the centuries of service that American Muslims have provided to our country. This is a splendid little book, and one hopes that it is widely read by Muslims and non-Muslims alike.”
 — The American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences

“It is my hope that Curtis’s book will not only be read by members of the military who are interested in or concerned about Muslims, but by American Muslims who are concerned about or interested in the military.”
 — Reading Religion

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Table of Contents

1. Two Fallen Soldiers Named Khan
2. The Long History of Muslim American Warriors: From the Revolution to World War II
3. Patriotism and Protest: From World War II to the Gulf War
4. After 9/11: Suspicion, Tragedy, Duty, and Love in an Age of Terror
5. Today's Muslim Americans in Uniform

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